Why Athletes Wear UV Arm Sleeves?


People who enjoy outdoor activities are exposed to the harmful UV rays from the sun. The current protective measures include them covering up and applying sunscreen. But sunscreen leaves the body feeling so uncomfortable because it is sticky. Besides, it requires continuous application time and again. Covering up the skin could also mean wearing long sleeve shirts. These can be bulky, but all is not lost as there is an alternative to wearing these shirts. It is the UV arm sleeves.

The pros of wearing UV arm sleeves

Current custom compression sleeves use fabric material, meaning they are not bulky. They also trap heat other than retaining water. Secondly, they meet the needs of the high paced, modern digital society. Thus, outdoor enthusiasts can now enjoy listening to music and news on these new accessories. Accessories and pockets are still needed to carry these items.

So, these enthusiasts minimize the accessories they want to carry. There is a need for protective arm sleeves. These gears protect you from harmful UV rays. They are also comfortable and versatile to meet the growing demands of society.

Essential features for the UV arm sleeve

The top-notch UV protection arm sleeves are fit, as cited by outdoor workers. Fit is a critical feature to look out for when shopping for an arm sleeve. Size is also an important feature to look at. Arm sleeves made for UV rays protection come in a range of sizes. They are readily available for youth and adults.

A good example is the Uvaoider UV Arm Sleeves that come in up to 10 sizes. Arm sleeves that come in limited sizes, on the other hand, have a wide gap of sizes. This results in poor fittings because they can be tight or loose. When shopping for a UV arm sleeve, go to a shop that offers a broad range of sizes.

Sweat prevention is another essential feature of the UV arm sleeves, as cited by athletes and outdoor workers. The folks are aware of how much they sweat at a slight exposure to the sun. The fluids will run down their arms and make the hands wet. This interferes with everything you are doing. UVoider arm sleeves keep the arms dry.

Additional embodiments

In a few embodiments, the arm sleeve can have a fastener 300. These features include snaps, loops, buttons, and magnets. Some types of fasteners keep the sleeves together. They also facilitate sorting.

The fastener is usually located on the upper side of the arm sleeve. It can also be found on the lower side. It is also important to note that the fastener is positioned and designed to help maintain the sleeves’ appearance anytime they are worn.

Also, in some embodiments, a reciprocal fastener can be hidden in pocket 110. That is for it to remain hidden in the pocket. So, depending on the fastener type used, when you are ready for storage, it can be pulled out.

Final Thoughts

Sports fanatics and participants, outdoor workers, and other enthusiasts invest in sun protection arm sleeves for various reasons. The features offer maximum benefits. You can look at some of the UV arm sleeves on this site to learn more about the benefits of wearing UV arm sleeves.

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