2018 Summer Fashion: Ruffled Skirt


Skirt season has officially started!

On Instagram (and summer 2018), fashion with a ruffled skirt. They are colorful, wrapped, and sometimes even wrapped around the waist like wrapped skirts, marking life with soft femininity, and softening the volume of the hips.

They know that in the summer and when they need to show the evil: oblique cut light and light, and the opening of the “portfolio” so that you do not have to show you can see. Midi or longer, these skirts will be the most photographed throughout the warm season.

Obviously, their tailoring geometry is extremely rigorous, and they work best with more casual clothing (from T-shirts to flat welds). There is no limit (or whim) to choose them in bright or fancy colors, giving the appearance of summer distortion.

If you like the most classic patterns, you will find comfort between stripes and polka dots, and the flowers will give you more retro charm.

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