How to Pick the Best Eyebrow Pencil Color


If you are not blessed with thick and naturally shaped eyebrows, you can make up for it using an eyebrow pencil. An eyebrow pencil can create the illusion of nicely shaped brows! It is the best way to fill out thin eyebrows.

But most ladies fail to choose the right eyebrow pencil color. Like all cosmetics, there is a wide variety of choices to choose from when it comes to eyebrow pencils. If you do not know the right shades for you, choosing the best eyebrow pencil can be a long, excruciating process.

Picking the right eyebrow pencil color for your brows can be tricky if you have no idea what works for you. Picking the wrong color can make it obvious that your brows are colored in or would make your eyebrows look unnaturally dark.

Here is a guide on how to pick the best eyebrow pencil to complement your hair color

General advice: go lighter

When choosing an eyebrow pencil color, the general rule is to always go a shade lighter. A lighter shade is easier to blend in and will look more natural.

Women make the mistake of matching their eyebrow color with the color of their hair. This just looks unnatural. The right eyebrow pen color should complement your hair color – not be precisely the same shade.

The right eyebrow pencil shade for your hair color

Here are some more tips on how to tackle particular hair color:

Dark black hair

Eyebrow pencils in shades of dark brown and black are the best for women with dark black hair. A dark brunette eyebrow pencil is a favorite. If you have a dark skin tone, you can layer a black eyebrow pencil over a brunette eye shadow to make your brows look more prominent.

Brown hair

For brunettes, it is best to stick with eyebrow pencils that have brown shades. Choose a softer and lighter brown shade. Brunettes often get highlights. If your brown hair has a reddish shade, then base your eyebrow pencil on your highlight color. If you have darker or ash-brown shades, base your eyebrow pencil color on your base color.

Blonde hair

For blondes who have cool undertones, it is best to mix your eyebrow color with a warm undertone, so the end result is not gray when you go lighter. If your blonde has warm undertones, you can go with warmer shades.

Red hair

Eyebrow pencils with auburn shades are best for women who have red tones in their hair. Adding warm red tones on your brows is best for red hair. It helps to use a gold mascara to make the overall look natural.

Gray hair

Gray hair is underrepresented when it comes to eyebrow pencils. You can barely see the right pencil that comes in gray shades. If you don’t find any, go for dark taupe brow pencils. You will still end up with natural-looking brows that go well with your gray hair.

Now that you know which shades go best with your hair color, you can now pick the right shades that will work for you!

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