What are my Ideal Birthstone Jewellery Choices?


Are you worried about the implications of birthstone jewellery? Well, calm your mind. There is nothing for you to worry about. These stones are believed to have originated in this particular sequence as a result of the high priest Aaron of ancient Israel. If you need a birthstone in the form of a personalised necklace, why hold back? Birthstone jewellery pieces are simply those inlaid with gems of nature believed to correspond to certain months.

A Brief Intro the Wonders of Birthstones

· January: Garnet. This naturally occurring gem is usually red in colour. However, the gem could also be found in other colours. The name is translated from its earlier Middle English word, “gernet”, which means dark red. Which in turn was derived from the Latin word for seed. This was as a result of its resemblance to the pomegranate seed.

· February: Amethyst. The word was derived from a Greek word which could be translated to mean “intoxicated”. It appears in a quite literally intoxicating purple colour. Ironically, there was a myth that amethyst could keep one from getting drunk. The perfect colour for royalty.

· March: Aquamarine and bloodstone. The various available shades of blue of the aquamarine seem to suit almost all skin tones. The stone is a fashion wonder. While the bloodstone is mostly green with hints of red is simply a marvel to behold at sunrise.

· April: Diamond. It is also the birthstone of those born in April. Fun fact, at a time people believed diamonds were lightning on earth. But diamonds symbolize eternal love.

· May: Emerald. With the name literally translating to green in Greek, the emerald symbolises rebirth and good fortune. As an interesting side note, were you aware that Cleopatra of Egypt loved emeralds so much she is rumoured to have owned all the emerald mines in the region.

· June: Pearls were believed to be tears of the gods. On that note, it would be fair to presume that the gods cried in June. While that might be a bit far-fetched, the stones in unique in that they are the only ones produced by living organisms. Other birthstones for this month include Alexandrite and pearl.

· July: Ruby. Blood red rubies are unique natural and scientific wonder. In fact, they were used in the year 1960, to build the world` first working laser.

· August: Sardonyx, peridot and spinel. The very first birthstone, however, was sardonyx. Fun fact, some of the popular “rubies” in history are actually spinel. This confusion is as a result of the gems uncanny resemblance to both rubies and sapphires.  

Also, the sardonyx was extremely valued in making carvings of heroes such as Hercules.

·  September: Sapphire. The more popular colour is blue. But the gem comes in almost every colour except red. The gem was believed to symbolise heaven, divine judgment and as an aid to enlightenment. Interestingly, the red variety is referred to as rubies.

· October: Tourmaline and Opal. Both these gems are spectacular. Opal means “to see a change kin colour”. One legend about the gem is that it was left behind by the feet of the “creator”. Tourmaline means “stone of mixed colours”. Over the years various colours of tourmaline have been found and mistaken to be other gems. Both stones have a lot of colours it would seem.

· November: Topaz and Citrine. Interestingly, both of these occur in exciting yellow colours reminiscent of the glow of the midday sun.

· December: Turquoise, tanzanite and zircon. All occurring in cool and soothing shades of blue.


Purchase your personalised birthstone jewellery today. There is nothing holding you back. If anything, you should be proud of your birthstone. You are a gem, unique and awesome in many ways. Just like the personalised birthstone jewellery waiting to make its way to you. At the end of the day, the gems belong to nature.

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