How to adjust a baccarat style chandelier mounted on a ceiling

baccarat style chandelier

In the current world, most individuals are using YIOSI baccarat chandelier to decorate their houses. The baccarat style chandelier is one of the most commonly used lights in many countries. The chandelier comes in different styles and unique designs. However, due to various reasons, you may find the need for relocating your chandelier from one position to another.

  • Identify a suitable position

First, you need to acknowledge how to identify baccarat chandelier position that will be most suitable to supply light in the entire room. Also, you need to consider the size of the room and the final look. The chandelier as one of the room decorating items, it should be placed in a strategic position that captures people’s attention.

  • Trace a ceiling cutline and make an opening

Secondly, after identifying the position where the baccarat crystal should be placed, you need to make an opening on the ceiling. The opening is made by tracing the ceiling outline and cutting the specified part. Consequently, the opened space is where the light will be replaced to end of the process.

baccarat style chandelier
  • Remove the fixture

Unquestionably, the crystal chandelier modern fixture is first removed before getting relocated. However, the removal process should be done keenly to avoid any damage. If you are not careful enough, the chandelier might fall and break some of its parts such as lights.

  • Extend the electrical cables to the new junction box

Subsequently, the electrical wires need to be adjusted to the new position for the crystal chandelier well-fitting. However, the cable used to make the extension should be of a similar gauge with the original cable. The two wires should be carefully joined by ensuring that the black wire is a connection to the original black wire and the same to the white wire.

  • Secure the box into the new position and attach the wires

Consequently, the other side of the cable should be pushed to the new box where the baccarat chandelier is to be located. Subsequently, you need to insert the box to the position in question, in the ceiling, and install it, using the mountain screws. The box should be strong enough to avoid falling in the future.

  • Attach the light

Lastly, you need to strip the wires and attach them to the fixture. Also, the cables need to be attached to the mounting bracket in the junction box.  Finally, you should connect the fine crystal chandelier to the newly mounted junction box and test if it is working.

baccarat style chandelier

In conclusion,

Arguably, relocating a baccarat style chandelier in a ceiling is relatively easy when you have the right procedure to follow. However, the necessary precautions should be observed to any risk hazards that may occur. Also, it is advisable to look for a professional electrician to help you do the relocation if you are not familiar with electricity connection. Conversely, if you are familiar with such connections, consider using the above steps as a guideline.

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