Meet the Author

Annie is teen queen author-girl of Think Pink, a brand new series of feel-good, go-for-it guides for teen girls

She’s an agony aunt for top UK tween magazine, Mizz, and works as a journalist and teen life expert for various companies and publications in the UK & US.

Annie’s also a dreamer, a wannabe 60’s icon, a ray of sunshine, a book-reader, a lover of beautifully packaged cosmetics, chocolate and most importantly, a girl who thinks seeing the world through pink-tinted shades is a more than do-able way to live life…

Yeah, but what exactly does she do?

You mean apart from drooling over stupidly expensive shoes and handbags? Well, Annie is a:

  • Agony aunt for national teen magazine, Mizz
  • Teen consultant/expert for organisations, brands and charities
  • Freelance journo-girl who writes for magazines both in the UK and the US.
  • A weekly columnist for Portsmouth Evening News – Lily L’amor’s Guide for Girls
  • A workshop facilitator – running workshops across the country encouraging tween and teen girls to become feisty, fun, fearless and fabulous! For more information on these email: [email protected]

These are a few of her favourite things…

Starbucks’ banana caramel cream frappuccino – so bad, yet so, so good…New York – that city snows like one of those cute sno-globe shakers in my heart…Captain Jack Sparrow – I’m a sucker for boys in eyeliner… Chocolate milkshake, chocolate bars, chocolate cake, chocolate – you get the picture right? Books – I heart books especially when they’re so good that they make me miss my bus stop…1950’s glamour – belted waists and full skirts, so flattering… Pink champagne with vinegar-covered chips… Hollywood Starlets – the drama, the decadence, the diva-like behaviour – I was born in completely the wrong era…Accessorising – because quite frankly, it’s rude not to…Watching films – my favourites include: Amelie, Moulin Rouge, High School Musical and any kind of rom com/teen movies really…Guitar boys – the cute, rake-like kind who look like they need a good wash. Sigh…Expensive cosmetics with ridiculously beautiful packaging – superfluous? Yes. But it really would be every kind off wrong to deny ourselves pretty things…

Email Annie at: [email protected]