Picking Out the Best Canvas Backpacks for School


Canvas backpacks are an easy choice for college students. Since you are in college for at least four years, it is best to invest in a good backpack that will last until you graduate.

Remember that college will require you to carry around books and other school materials. You may even be carrying around your laptop too. So, you need to have a bag that is not only durable but also offers you enough space to carry around everything you need.

Lucky for you, here is a list of factors that you should consider when checking out the best canvas backpacks for school:

Make sure you have enough space

Space should be a priority when choosing your college backpack. I am talking especially for the ladies who prefer to carry around small backpacks. You need to have enough space to carry around multiple books, notebooks, a laptop, and your everyday essentials. This way, you get to move around freely and have your hands free. You do not have to get a hiking backpack to make sure you have enough space. There are a lot of backpacks that can expand and give you extra space. For instance, the base or the sides has a zipper, that when you open, would give you more space. You just have to know where to look for them.

Make sure you have multiple pockets and compartments

As a college student, you need to be organized and neat. All pens should be within reach. Your ID should always be ready. This is no place for you to waste precious time, rummaging around your bag, looking for your pen. With compartments and pockets, your things can be organized making it easier for you to see what you need. Make sure that the laptop compartment is padded so that your laptop stays safe and secure no matter what is in your bag or how you handle it.

Get backpacks with double zippers

Double zippers are very convenient to find a canvas backpack that has this feature. It makes it easier for you to get items out of your bag since you do not have to open it all the way to the other side. Also, if one zipper breaks, your backpack can still be used since you still have the second zipper as a back-up.

Do you need waterproof canvas backpacks?

If you are attending college in an area with mostly wet weather or you know that you are a klutz and spills a lot of liquids, getting a waterproof canvas bag is worth the extra bucks. These canvas bags are made out of waxed canvas material, so aside from being waterproof, the canvas feels harder than the usual.

With your textbooks, laptop, gadgets, and other everyday essentials, your backpack will be heavy enough as is. Choosing a canvas backpack is good since the material is already lightweight. Your bag does not add to the weight that you have to carry.

Backpacks are the ideal school bag since it distributes the weight of your load evenly on your back and shoulders. You no longer have to deal with shoulder pains that usually come with lugging around heavy messenger bags or shoulder bags. With canvas backpacks, your college life will definitely be a more comfortable experience.

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