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The Princess Diaries: Books 1 and 2

Meg Cabot
(ISBN: 0330440187 @ £7.99)

Okay, so it’s technically not a new book but it is a new cover! If you haven’t read the Princess Diaries yet you really must. They are just fabbitty fab and a total must read. This is a collection of the first two books in the series. Mia is a just a normal high school kid until she discovered she’s actually heir to the throne of a small European country. Can she really swap her clunky DM’s for daintily glass slippers? Read it and find out.

Venus Spring, Stunt girl

Johnny Zucker
(ISBN: 1853408379 @ £4.99)

Wow, cool title. Venus Spring is, funnily enough, a stunt girl and she’s just uncovered a deadly plot. Will she be able to save the day and herself? An all-action, no-plot book for those of you who like a little adrenaline before bedtime – by that I mean the action scenes are all really well written but the storyline is totally far-fetched. Also take no notice of the cover which shows a white girl with brown hair when Venus is actually of mixed race with black hair?!?! Why do they do

Love Lessons

Jacqueline Wilson
(ISBN: 0385608365 @ £12.99)

The latest from the UK’s biggest contemporary children’s writer, bar Ms Rowling, and even then it’s pretty close. This is one for older readers, so we’re talking 12yrs+. The story is about two home-schooled girls who find themselves in the local comprehensive school after their Dad falls ill. There’s heartache and heartbreak in true Wilson style when Prue falls for her new art teacher.

Spirit Walker

Michelle Paver
(ISBN: 184255171X @ £8.99 ) *

The second book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, sequel to Wolf Brother. Torak is back to do more battles against the Soul-eaters. This time he’s travelling over water to the Seal Clan in the hope of a cure to a mysterious illness sweeping through the Raven clan – but what I wanna know is where’s Wolf?

Hunter’s Heart

Julia Green
(ISBN: 0141317655 @ £5.99) *

A dark tale following a 14-year-old boy falling in love for the first time. Simon is spending the summer in Cornwall when he falls head over heels for older girl, Leah. But when she starts manipulating him for her own amusement things take a turn for the worst. Find out what happens by winning yourself a SIGNED copy! See the giveaway pag


Frank Cottrell Boyce
(ISBN: 1405048581 @ £9.99)*

Dylan lives in the tiny isolated Welsh town of Manod so he thinks it rather odd when a whole bunch of smart trucks start arriving. What are they up to on top of the mountain? Jammed packed full of art, crime and life-changing moments for many of the town’s residence, this is a funny and cosy book to curl up with. Not quite as good as his previous book, ‘Millions’, which has just won a major book prize, but still worth a read, especially if you like art.

*The ISBN is the International Standard Book Number. Turn over any book and you’ll see it above the barcode. If you go looking for a book, in your library, book shop, online or wherever, using the ISBN number is the quickest way to find it.

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