Things You Should Know About a Massage Gun


Massage tools are devices used to systematically manipulate soft tissues of the body by either applying fixed intense or moveable pressure. An example of a massage tool is the massage gun that offers percussive or vibration therapy. Over the years.,the gun has become a popular and unique gadget, especially among athletes for relieving stress, muscle relaxation, and overall well being of an individual. We look at everything you need to know about a massage gun down below.

Basics of a Massage Gun

A massage gun has proven to be among the best massage equipment that restores and improves muscular functionality.

  • How Do Massage Guns Work

It helps relax your muscles sore by stimulating Golgi tendons, some structure within your muscles that help to inhibit their contraction. Mostly, the work of the gun is neural. The massage gun works using the pain gate theory that believes that it is possible to deceive the nervous system; therefore, pain is reduced. The brain’s ability to sense muscle tightness or pain is affected; thus, it lets it go. 

  • Who Uses the Gun

It is mostly used by athletes to relax their bodies and improve performance. Also, other people use it to relieve stress, body pains, and improve their sleep.

  • Vibrations VS Percussions

Massage guns offer either vibration or percussive therapy. Vibration therapy is the application of vibrations to the body whereby the gun makes contact with the skin and gives a whole experience to a person. Percussive therapy applies force to a targeted area and reaches more depth into the muscle than the vibrations.

  • How To Use the Massage Gun
  1. Aim the head  an inch away from your skin as it vibrates
  2. Use it for at least 1-2 minutes per muscle group
  3. Please keep it on low setting, i.e., start with low intensity and proceed to high intensity as you continue. Generally, higher configurations are used by heavyweights athletes.
  • What to Avoid When Using a Massage Gun
  1. Avoid over stimulating the muscle as it causes fluid to go into the muscle without flowing out.
  2. Avoid painful areas or wounds.
  • What are the Benefits
  1. It accelerates muscular recovery
  2. Improves and enhances the range of motion thus reducing injuries
  3. It decreases the occurrence of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  4. Improves the circulatory system by increasing blood flow in the body thus reducing muscle inflammation
  5. Helps in muscle relaxation
  6. Reduces stress by preventing the release of cortisol hormone which increases body fat
  • What are the Disadvantages of a Massage Gun
  1. It is relatively expensive to purchase
  2. Requires regular maintenance
  3. If it breaks down, it requires a professional to repair
  4. Excessively activates the muscle if placed directly to the targeted zone


Massage guns are majorly good for reducing pain, but they have many other benefits too. They are proved to be more effective than other massage tools in the market, as most manufacturers have resolved to produce them in bulk.

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