The Ultimate Guide for Maintaining Pillows


The Bamboo pillow is the trending product in the pillow manufacturing industry. Brands like Adoric have already made a name for themselves for making some of the best bamboo pillows. The products have numerous advantages like durability, comfort, and environmental friendliness. For this reason, they are quite costly hence the need to maintain the pillows. In this write-up, we provide you with some tips for maintaining pillows.

Tips for Maintaining your Pillows

  • Washing

Note that not all pillows are washable. When buying a pillow, it is essential that you consider how often you plan to use it and for how long before you replace it. If you do not plan on spending more money to replace the pillow soon, consider washable one. Look at the label on the pillow or the package to confirm if you can wash it or not. Whether or not you can wash the pillow depends on the type of material, both for cover and fillings. Most of the time, the only types of pillows that can be washed are ones with synthetic fillings.

If you own a washable pillow, consider washing it once every six months using hot water. However, if you suffer from allergies or skin conditions like acne, consider washing the pillow at least once per month. But, make sure also to use mild detergents.

However, if your pillow is not washable, it does not mean that you can completely ignore cleaning it. You have the option of either dry cleaning or spot cleaning. You also need to make sure that you are changing your pillowcases as often as you do to other beddings like bedsheets.

  • Using Pillowcases

Pilows are resting places for the head, shoulders, and neck. Facial products and hair products often get rubbed onto the pillow when sleeping or lying down. The pillow is also prone to sweat and other stains like mucus. This can be a challenge, especially if your pillow is not washable. Therefore, you need a pillow cover.

A pillow cover will not only protect your pillow from dirt but also increase its lifespan. Consider a pillowcase with a zipper as it encloses the pillow to its entirety. With such a case, you also don’t have to worry about one part (the one on the open end) being less clean than the latter. Also, consider a pillowcase fabric that is thick enough, and it does not allow any dirt or oil to penetrate. Make sure to wash the covers as often as possible, depending on how much you use the pillow.

Its time to replace your pillow if?

Pillows are not built to last forever. This means that they have to be replaced now and then. Below are some indications that you need a new pillow;

  • If the pillow has lumps in the filler materials
  • If there are permanent stains on it
  • If it causes aches like on the neck or back
  • If it has become flat


If you decide to replace your old pillow with a new one, you must consider what you will do with the old one. For environmental protection purposes, consider recycling the pillow to an animal bed. If you do not have a pet in your home, consider donating it to the animal shelter.

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