A guide to choosing the perfect Ghana weaving wig


Choosing the right weaving wig for your perfect look can be a tough task considering the variety of options to choose from. For a first-time wig buyer, the moment can be very overwhelming owing to the pressure that comes with making the right choice.  

There are several factors to consider before you decide to invest in a Ghana weaving wig. But worry not, below is essential wig buying basics that will help you make the best decision possible.  

Wig Style

The first important thing to figure out before buying a weaving wig is to ensure that its style matches with your needs. There are many different and interesting Ghana weaving wig styles to choose from including, cornrowed full lace frontal, weave ponytail, colored braids, and side-swept braided style, among others.

The best weave wigs to go for are those with styles that suit your overall fashion style, and which will allow you to express your personality.

Wig Material

Wigs are made from either natural human hair or synthetic materials. Each of the material has its pros and cons. Human hair wigs come with a pricy tag, but they are very durable and look much better. As for synthetic wigs, though nice and costing less, they are less durable and lose their sheen much faster.

So, if you are on a tight budget, a synthetic wig will do, but if you are willing to spend extra then human hair wigs are the best investment.

Wig Capsize

The next vital thing to watch out for when choosing the perfect wig is the capsize. It is vitally important to choose a weave wig with the correct capsize. A wig capsizes will be determined by the shape and the size of your head.

Choose a small capsize and it will not fit well on your head. Choose a large one and it will be obvious you are donning a weave wig. The perfect weave wig is one that fits well enough making it feel like it is your natural hair.

Ease and Cost of Application

Wigs come with different design styles. Some have simple designs while others have more complex designs. Complex designs attract higher installation costs and require a lot of time as opposed to those wigs with simple designs.

Besides, there are those weave wigs that you can apply by yourself and those that must be applied by a professional hairstylist. Consequently, if you want to save on the application cost, you can opt for those weave wigs you can comfortably apply by yourself.

Wig Length

Like normal human hair, weave wigs (yeebia) come in different lengths. They come in three main categories: long, medium, and short. The wig length that you choose is purely down to your style and preference. However, the length of your natural hair will also be a determining factor.

For instance, if you have short natural hair and you want to get the feeling of having long hair, the best wigs to go for are either the medium-sized ones or the long ones.  

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