Some Pros of Bulk Buying Pouches

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Many brands are now ditching their rigid packaging for a more flexible option. What better option than stand up foil pouches wholesale to promote and protect sales of their products in bulk. In the pipeline of innovation, a resealable stand-up pouch wholesale has become a smarter packaging technique.

Advantages of Stand Up Pouches Wholesale

It is important to take advantage of all the benefits stand up pouches wholesale has to offer. This flexible packaging will require partnering with a stand-up pouch wholesale supplier like Zigpac. You can have your resealable stand up pouches wholesale customized and totally tailored to suit your brand and product.

Many advantages offered by stand up foil pouches wholesale, and other options offered by stand up pouches (know more). These advantages will benefit both manufacturers and consumers. Here are some of the benefits customers enjoy from stand up pouches wholesale production:

Convenience Features

The convenience that stands up pouch features offer will be very valuable to consumers who love convenience. With resealable closures, the life of the food will be extended which will create an improved customer experience. A resealable stand-up pouch wholesale can ensure all your customers get to use their pouches over and over again.

You can choose any of the closures like press-to-close, hook-to-hook, or ziplock closures to make your pouch more convenient. Also, you can choose any from transparent windows, laser perforation, spouts, and handles. You can also decide to make your pouch steamable so consumers can conveniently place their food in a microwave directly.

Cost Reduction with Stand Up Pouches Wholesale

Stand up pouches are a very flexible style of packaging with the reduced cost of materials. As a matter of fact, rigid packaging like printed folding cartons cost up to six times more than flexible packaging. In fact, your profit margins will really improve if stand up pouches are used instead of the rigid alternative.

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It is possible to create beautiful and awe-inspiring HD graphics for your flexible stand up pouch. The ink control has to be precise with a solid lay-down on different films. To have a high-quality graphical result with eye-catching graphics, advanced printing technology must be used.

Product Safety

One of the benefits of stand up pouches is that they can keep your food fresher for a longer time. They also protect food against the elements and serve as excellent barrier control. With their puncture-resistant films, your products can also be safeguarded during transportation.

More so, the stand-up pouches also provide additional protection against UV rays, moisture, contaminants, and more.

Shape and Structure

There are different shapes and sizes that stand up pouches can be produced in. Consumers are more familiar with the standard pouch. This standard pouch has a round bottom gusset bag that folds flat when it is empty.

However, other options for stand up pouches include the box pouches and sealed (two-sided with four vertical seals). There are also other custom shapes that stand up pouches that can be die-cut into to make them stand out.

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Shelf Impact of Stand Up Pouches Wholesale


Stand up pouches are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with stunning HD graphics. Therefore, their shelf impact will give many real estate manufacturers a lot to work with. The package has a very large printable surface that stands up and actually faces the customer.

These products will compete better than products that are in lay-down bags and containers that are smaller and rigid.


Stand up pouches are good for the environment. Fewer materials and less energy are required to make this type of packaging, resulting in fewer volatile organic compounds. Apart from saving cost, the weight is lighter and the size is more compact to save fuel emitted during transportation.

The non-recyclable materials that are used will not take up a lot of space in landfills compared to rigid ones. These pouches can be biodegradable or recyclable without compromising on their quality and safety.

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Transportation and Warehousing with Stand Up Pouches Wholesale


The cost savings that stand up pouches offer in distribution is quite high. You can fit as much as ten times the number of pouch units in a truck using fewer pallets. The fuel cost for each truck is lower because the packaging is lighter.

You can store as many products as possible and take up less space, time, less labor to move it about.

Why Buy Stand Up Pouches Wholesale?

As a business owner, you will always be on the lookout for new ways to save more money every day. There is a way to make a profit while still being efficient. Buying stand up foil pouches wholesale is a great way to do this since it offers many positive outcomes.

Avoid Risk of Selling Out

When you stock up or buy in bulk, you will avoid panic and dissatisfied customers whenever products sell out. By preparation, you will need to have extra stand up pouches in stock to stay one step ahead. This advantage will serve you in a busy period when people demand to stand up foil pouches wholesale.

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Pass Savings on to Your Customers

Customers are always looking for the cheapest place to buy their pouches from. So, if you sell your products at lower prices than all your competitors, you will have more sales. Bypassing on savings made from buying stand up foil pouches wholesale, you attract more customers.

The trick is to pass on just enough of the savings to make your pouches cheaper than your competitors.

Save Money with Stand Up Pouches Wholesale

By buying stand up pouches wholesale, you also reduce the cost for each unit. This will help you get more for your money and still save you the cost of customizing each unit. In addition, if you have a storage solution that is affordable, you will save more money in the long run.

Buying your resealable stand-up pouch wholesale frequently in smaller quantities could be very expensive. It is even more expensive when you consider the additional cost of delivery on each unit price.

Save the Environment

When you buy stand up foil pouches wholesale, you are effectively using less packaging which is eco-friendlier. Additionally, with bulk purchases, you use fewer miles to deliver and less fuel, thereby emitting less pollution into the air. You can use the fact that going green is a major selling point to your advantage.

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More Options

When you buy a resealable stand-up pouch wholesale, you have more uses for your product. You can customize them for use in packaging more goods. Also reused for packaging the same or different products.

One of Zigpac’s finest stand up pouches wholesale is the custom snack food packaging bag composite aluminum foil self-sealing pocket. This stand-up pouch, with its rectangular shape, has used:

  • as a waterproof bag,
  • food bag,
  • and another universal packaging.

A custom aluminum plated three-side sealing plastic bag meant for large goods and offers proofing customization.

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