What Are The Types Of Weaving Looms?


If you have chosen to take up the art of loom weaving, his is the right place for you. Among many possible choices, some people chose to learn how to make the loom bänder anhänger.

The loom ribbon pendant is an excellent choice of craft to engage in. the individuals that take up the challenge find it to be a rewarding line of art and trade of loom weaving.

But for many other people, the idea of loom weaving is strange and sounds a bit like doom and therefore can be scary. But there is no need to fear, the craft is perfectly safe and very rewarding.

What Is Loom Weaving?

For you to fully understand what loom weaving is, the first thing you should know is the device that is usually used to perform the weaving function, the loom.

The loom is the device or equipment used to weave. This device is used to hold the threads in place while the weaver carries on the weaving process.

This hand-weaving process is done by weaving the filling through the wrapped threads that have been held in place.

This process, carried out by a skilled craftsman or woman can be used to create a lot of patterns, textures, and a variety of colors that comes from weaving with many different colored threads.

Looms have many types. These types are made obvious as a result of the many different features that differentiate them.

What Are The Types Of Loom?

1. The Tapestry Loom

This type of loom is simple. The loom has a simple frame and does not provide any shed. When you make a tapestry with this loom frame, the size of the frame forms the tapestry.

2. The Table Loom

The table loom is a small loom tool that is also used for weaving. The table loom is quite portable when compared to other looms as the floor looms, but is it a lot complex.

The table loom is designed to be placed on top of a table as the name Implies. It is sometimes kept on a suitable stand too.

3. The Back-Strap Loom

This is a simply designed loom device used for weaving. This model of the loom was created and used in ancient times. You can say it is the oldest model of the loom device.

4. The Inkle Loom

This pec of equipment is usually used to weave specific designs such as belts or straps. It is the best loom when you are weaving any narrow strips

The inkle looms are just perfect when beginners are handling them. It is easy, and efficient for its desired job. The inkle loom in the hands of skilled can also be used to create the best of complex designs.

How to Maintain Your Loom

1· Cleaning

Make sure you clean the machine very well. Pay special attention to the loom machine while you remove dust with the aid of a compressed pressure air blower.

2· Lubricate the Machine

The loom device is very useful, yet very delicate. You should apply the appropriate lubricant to the machine.


The art of loom weaving is cannot be done without the loom, which means that the loom is a key part of the loom weaving process. The equipment should be handled with care.

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