A Beginner’s Guide to Pool: Everything You Need to Know


Everyone who shoots always wants to make a hole. After all, that’s the purpose of enjoying a good game of pool. However, a good shot requires a skill level that can only get with enough practice, focus, intelligence, useful accessories, and keen knowledge of the game. Playing pool like a pro begins with learning how to hold a pool stick, up to when you can easily slot in your balls into available holes. This article offers you easy ways to harness your skill and become a pro in the glamorous game of pool.

  1. Master the cue: The first step into mastering the pool game is knowing how to hold a pool stick. It would help if you viewed the pool stick as an extension of your hand. Imagine how you can twist your hands at will. That’s precisely how you should be able to handle the stick. Furthermore, handling is another important area you must master. Do not tighten your grip on the stick or loosen your grip on the cue, and watch your performance soar.
  2. Perfect your stance:If you watch the pros, you must have noticed their stance on the ball. The stance is one of the most fundamental things to know if you want to ride to the level of a pro in the pool. Make it a rule always to have your front foot width apart from your rear foot. At an angle of 45°, you should feel comfortable. Ensure you are comfortable in this position. Don’t force yourself if it’s otherwise. Finally, practice moving around the table while maintaining the stance in a shooting.
  3. Body alignment:Body alignment is how you position your eyes, head, and arms to achieve a perfect shooting. Playing like a pro means you have to master the art of body alignment. Also, always keep your head low when aiming. Keep your eye level, and always make sure your cue and view are at the same level before taking the perfect shot. Getting a good body alignment won’t be achieved in a day, so it’s always good to practice body alignment.
  4. Create an aiming line: This is more of imagery. On the road to being a pro, you must be adept at creating an imaginary line towards the pocket you are aiming for. When you seek this, ensure you select a point you are targeting. Furthermore, make mental imagery of the center of the pocket to the center point of your ball. Creating an imaginary line will not come in quickly, but you can achieve it with practice.
  5. Pack the right accessories:Playing like a pro is beautiful, but you have to do so with the right accessories. First, identify the essentials you need. In most cases, you should go into every game with chalks, cue holder, gloves, talc powder, cue tip clamps, towels, etc. Furthermore, learn how to maintain your cue, and fix your chalk without causing friction.


Everyone admires playing like a pro. However, taking beautiful shots requires a lot of tact, practice, and understanding of the beautiful game techniques. In becoming a pro, you must make it a rule to practice your grip on the pool stick, your stance at every position of the board, and pack the right kind of accessories. These tips are straightforward and are sure to guarantee you success in every game.

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