Fake Lashes for Newbies

Making Eyeliners and Lashes

Have you tried gluing false lashes to your eyes on your own? It can be a very time-consuming task. The false eyelashes are very delicate and it can be very frustrating when you place it on wrong. This means you will have to remove the glue again and start all over again. This does not only take you longer to get ready but also ruins your mood for what could have been a nice date or a great night out with your friends.

Magnetic eyeliners and lashes

But now, life with false lashes with the help of magnets. There are now products that sell a magnetic eyeliner that comes with magnetic lashes. The two will be attracted to each other and this calls for easy sticking. No need to struggle with glue anymore with this magnetic combination.

How does it work?

The magnetic eyeliner and the lashes that come with it have tiny magnets in them. This means no frustrating struggle with adhesive tapes and glue. You also no longer have to worry about gluing your eyes shut. Just as two magnets immediately stick to each other, the lashes will be attracted to the liner, making it easier for you to put them in place. You no longer need to take about an hour to get ready!

Magnetic Eyeliners

How to use magnetic eyeliners and lashes

You apply the magnetic eyeliner the same way you would apply an ordinary eyeliner. Make sure you shake the eyeliner bottle or tube well before opening it. It is recommended to use a market tip brush for applying the wholesale magnetic eyeliner because it will distribute the magnetic particles more effectively. This will give the magnetic eyeliner a stronger pull to attract the magnetic lashes.

Wait for about 2 minutes to give the eyeliner time to dry and then apply a second coat and allow it to dry as well. It is recommended that you apply the eyeliner thicker on the two corners of your eyes and the roots of your lashes so that the lashes can easily “click” on them. This is where you should place a third coat of the magnetic eyeliner. Then, wait about 5 minutes for it to dry completely before placing the magnetic lashes.

Note that this only works with magnetic lashes. The magnetic eyeliner will not do wonders for ordinary false eyelashes. Take the time to read the instructions on the packaging before using the eyeliner as some cosmetic brands may have specific instructions or application process.

Easy adjusting

The best thing about this magnetic duo is that you can reattach and attach them anytime. If you feel that your eyes are itchy and you can no longer resist it, you can just take the lash off, scratch the itch, and then place the lash back.


Maintenance and upkeep

  • Make sure that you clean your magnetic lashes after every use so that the magnet will not lose their strength. You can use a makeup remover and cotton buds or facial tissue to clean your magnetic lashes.
  • Stick to one brand. Your wholesale magnetic eyeliner may not work well with other brands because the design of the magnet embedded in them may be different.

Always have a proper storage box for your magnetic lashes so that it remains in a curved position.

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