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Vote for me to be Queen of Teen (Please – you get to go to a big party with me and ride around in a limo if we win – how much fun would that be?!)
From the Queen of Teen website:

“…For the first time ever, here is your chance to nominate your favourite female author and see her crowned Queen of Teen!

Simply write 200 words on why you believe your favourite author should be crowned. We’ll accept any reason whether it’s because you love the characters they write about or their creativity!

Most excitingly, your nomination will automatically enter you in to a competition to win a place at the super-glamorous coronation ceremony on Thursday 18th September 2008. Ten lucky winners will get the chance to spend time in a limousine with the author they championed and then see the winning author crowned at the ceremony!

The closing date for nominations is 10th July so make sure you submit your nomination as soon as possible – and don’t forget to tell your friends to nominate too!…”

To nominate your fave author-girl (nudge, nudge – hint, hint!) head over to:

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