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I know I only did a Rimmel yesterday but something reminded me I had this and I wanted wear it while filming todays videos (up today, Thursday and Saturday – slightly off schedule this week) so here it is. I stayed away from the Apocolips for so long because people were raving about them so much it annoyed me, haha. I had so many requests to review them and even more to compare them with the YSL and L’Oreal glossy stains which further riled me as they are nothing alike.. I was obviously going through a bit of a ‘cantankerous old bitch’ phase but I’m over it now so am happy to tell you what I think..

Rimmel Apocalips Apocaliptic
Rimmel Apocalips Apocaliptic

The packaging is okay, I like the applicator and the shade range is also pretty good. Each colour is so colour packed there is not ‘bad’ pick but I chose the signature red-pink and am very tempted to get a couple more. It goes on smooth and is beautifully glossy yet relatively long wearing, it’s NOT a stain, it’s a liquid lipstick and it’s not kiss proof or marketed as budge proof so I’m not sure where the glossy stain confusion came in but it doesn’t compare.

Rimmel Apocalips Apocaliptic
Rimmel Apocalips Apocaliptic

One thing I hadn’t noticed prior to taking these photos was how badly it bleeds. I would usually take photos immediately after applying something but on this occasion I filmed a tutorial followed by two other videos prior to getting out my camera for this post.. it was only maybe an hour and I think you’ll agree the bleeding is pretty excessive. If I wore this on a night out I think I would play it safe and use a lip liner but there’s nothing to say it would contain this kind of formula.. have you tried it? So yeah.. I like it but that was a little annoying.

Available online for £5.99 here

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