Maybelline Cover Stick


I don’t know about you but I haven’t used a cover stick since the Rimmel Blemish one I used to use as a teenager so with only that to compare it to I was expecting a dry, thick consistency but this is completely different. I think on the one hand it’s a good thing that it’s not the traditional formula as many who perhaps don’t like that full coverage but would prefer a stick concealer will be happily surprised that there is now a sheerer offering at the table but for most I think it will be a dud.

I was looking to replace my recently rediscovered and much-loved Urban Decay concealer pencil with something cheaper, as this is new on the market I decided to give it a go but unfortunately it’s nothing like what I expected. It’s hard to describe but I guess it’s more like an under eye coverage but in a blemish targeted applicator.. strange! It is to concealer what tinted moisturiser is to foundation.. in fact you may even go as far as to call this a ‘BB concealer’ (I’m shocked Maybelline didn’t go that way actually) as the coverage is really quite light.

I would use this perhaps if I was having a good skin day and wanted to conceal a little redness or even out my skin but I wouldn’t reach for it to cover anything substantial like a breakout so if you’re looking for something sheer, give this a go but if you’re looking to rediscover the concealer stick of days gone by.. this will be hugely disappointing – you’ve been warned!

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