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YouTube is the second biggest search engine and is the second most frequented site on the net. The platform offers viewers entertainment, educational materials, and the best creative outlet for anyone looking to share their content with the world. YouTube has some pretty exciting features that most people do not know about. This article shows you exciting features to use when creating and sharing content if you have a YouTube channel.

Visit to learn how to grow your channel. This article discusses YouTube hacks that will change how you use YouTube today.

1. Did you know you can create GIFs on YouTube?

Everyone knows Graphics Interchange Format (GIFs), the image format that everyone loves. Making GIFs is, however, not common knowledge. To make a youtube GIF video, select the video you want to use and then type the word “gif” right before typing your domain name. After doing that, it should look like “www.gifyoutube [your-video-tag]…”

That command will bring you to with your video ready to be edited into a GIF. The website has instructions that allow you to cut, crop the frame, add a caption, and much more. Once you are done, you can save your GIF, and you can download it to an offline file.

2. Did you know you can create a time-stamped YouTube link?

When sharing a video with someone and want them to pay attention to a specific part of the video, you can click the share button and select the ‘start at’ option. Type when you want the video to start at then copy the generated link and send it. The video will start playing where you indicated.

3. Did you know that you can read YouTube video transcripts?

Unless the YouTube channel owner prohibits subscribers from seeing it, YouTube will automatically generate a transcript that anyone can access and read through. A transcript will help you find the exact point something was said without combing through an hour of video to find the part. To view the transcript of any video, click on the ‘more’ button and select ‘Transcript’ from the drop-down menu.

To help your video get a better ranking in the YouTube search engine, you can upload your transcript, which will help search engine bots to determine what your video is really about. To add a self-made transcript, click the cc icon at the bottom right corner of the video, select your preferred language, and upload your transcript.

4. You can manipulate the appearance of the web page

If a YouTube video is playing way too fast for you to catch what is happening, press and hold the space bar, and the video will start to play in slow motion. You can also use the link to change the theme to a darker version. You might also be interested in getting the screen to wobble around. To do this, search the phrase “do the Harlem shake” and watch the magic happen.


YouTube hacks make the platform much more fun to use. There are many more hidden tricks and features that work on different devices. You can play a YouTube video in the background from your phone by switching the format to desktop, opening the video, and swiping up to return to the home screen. We hope you have fun and explore the next time you are on YouTube.

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