How to Use Teeth Whitening Strips As a Rookie


Why are some teeth whiter than others? Several factors could lead to tooth stains from food and beverage intake to excess smoking habits. If your teeth are stained and you don’t feel very confident taking pictures, not to worry! Teeth-whitening strips are here to save the day.

What are teeth whitening strips? They are thin strips of plastic with bleaching gel on one side of the strip. It is applied to the surface of your teeth, depending on the direction indicated on the product package. It’s not as expensive as people think. The best one to go for is teeth whitening strips wholesale.

That way, you are sure of getting good value for your money.

So, since you’ve decided to use teeth whitening strips as they appear harmless, here are a few things you should note.

Things to note when using teeth whitening strips

1. Don’t use teeth whitening strips without brushing

This is a mistake a lot of people make. Teeth whitening strips can never take the place of a toothbrush application. It’s only made to enhance the effects. You can decide to use toothpaste alongside, but ensure that it’s a non-fluoride toothpaste so that it doesn’t reduce the power of the teeth whitening strips.

The whitening agent won’t be effective if you use fluoride toothpaste. After this, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. This opens up pores so that your teeth can whiten.

2. Avoid your gums

Teeth whitening strips can be very effective but may cause gum sensitivity. Now, you may argue that these strips don’t contain concentrated bleaching agents that could damage the gums like the ones found in dental offices, but they can hurt the gum tissues over a long period.

It’s better to be cautious than apologetic.

3. Be consistent

Nothing beats consistency in this teeth whitening journey. It’s just like food. You can’t exercise for a full day, stuff yourself with carbs the next, and expect to see tremendous results. Teeth-whitening strips are meant to be applied every day. Don’t miss a day.

Continue with your treatment for as long as stipulated on the package or by your dentist. The fight isn’t over until you start seeing the changes you desire. Generally, the estimated time is two weeks.

4. Your whitening strips should be placed evenly

Avoid uneven whitening at all costs. Your whitening strip should be placed on your teeth accurately. Now, it’s understandable that teeth can’t be fully covered with two whitening strips no matter how accurately you try to place them. There are some portions that the strip won’t cover.

Don’t bother yourself. It’s advised that you place the strip evenly on the top teeth surface because that’s what people notice first.

5. Don’t eat beverages and dark food often

It’s not enough to use teeth whitening strips. You must make tiny changes to your life if you want to see results. After undergoing the treatment, give your teeth time to heal and adjust. Don’t rush to eat colored food and beverages, or you’d render the efforts of the past weeks useless.


Teeth whitening strips can only go so far. You also have to maintain teeth care to get the best out of your teeth.

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