Different types of materials for cell phone cases

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Leather belt pouches are the current trend in the cell phone case industry. The role of cell phone cases is to provide extra protection for phones. While this is the primary role, there are other secondary roles like improving the appearances of the phone and enhancing durability. There are different types of cell phone cases, pouches, and holsters in the market. These brands all offer different materials. The material from which a cell phone pouch or case is made determines how well the case will play its role and its overall effectiveness. The material also affects the quality and durability of the product. In this post, we look at different materials from which cell phone cases and pouches are made. 


This is perhaps the most known material from which cell phone cases are made. As one of the most used, it is also one of the costliest and the most durable materials in the market. For years, users have bought plastic made cell phone cases for the mere purpose of improving appearance. The fact that plastic comes in different sizes, colors, shapes, and designs increases the popularity of the material. Plastic is also very sturdy; hence, it can help protect phones from chips scratches, cracks, bumps, and overall breakage. 

There are several plastic materials from which phone cases are made in the market. They include;

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Polyurethane- this is a cheaper type of plastic available in soft and hard forms. This type of plastic is easy to mold and also recyclable. It is easy to customize, decorate, add unique features onto, grip, and hold on to. While inexpensive, the material is quite capable of offering protection. The downside to this material is that it has a strong smell of plastic, and it is not as durable as it would be desired.

Polycarbonate- this is a more expensive form of plastic, it is very sturdy, durable, customizable, and lightweight. It also offers protection from cracking, dirt and debris, chipping, scratching and breakage. However, the downside is that the material suffers discoloration and may be too bulky for the liking of some users. 


Metal covers are fashionable and stylish while instrumental in their role of protection. They also offer a firm grip. Aluminum is the most popular type of metal cover in the market. 


Leather is one of the most durable and sturdy materials in the market. There are two types of leather.

Natural leather- this material is water-resistant, elegant, durable, and stylish as well. The most desirable feature of natural leather is that it tends to increase in quality as it continues to age. It is also sturdy hence offers excellent protection. It is, however, costly.

Synthetic leather- this is a cheaper version of leather that is also waterproof. 

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The type of material from which a cell phone case or pouch is made determines the cost of the case. The materials also determine the durability and the ability of the case to protect the phone from damage. When purchasing a cell phone case, holsters, pouches, or clips, it is essential to consider the pros and cons of each of the mentioned above materials. 

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