Brief Review Of Bathtub Trends For 2019


A detailed look at recent trends of bathtub designs will assist you in choosing one model for your home. If you search the web, you are sure to read that over the past few years, bathtubs have literally fallen out of favor. To be more precise, many homeowners planning a bathroom model intended to replace their baths. In a report by bathtub Australia in 2017, about 20 percent of remodeling homeowners were entirely ditching the tub in various master bathrooms to make room for larger showers.

However, in 2019, bathtubs have significantly regained their fan base- this has made it a polarizing bathroom design for the year. Remodeling homeowners are currently divided on whether to maintain the bathtub- and those who retain these stylish bathing elements are deciding to upgrade it. Whether you prefer crisp lines or just rounded smooth edges, the current bathtubs offer accentuated looks coupled with ergonomic luxury. In this blog post, we review major bathtub trends for 2019. Take a look!

Fantasies of beautiful bathrooms by homeowners feature a single thing- an attractive, inviting bath. Homeowners building or sprucing their bathrooms may find themselves wandering in stores and showrooms, searching for tubs. Significant advances have majorly allowed for built-in shelves coupled with ergonomic contouring.

With the multiple options on the market, it can be challenging to comprehend what to settle for, including suitable styles for the bathroom. For that reason, our buyer’s guide is here to show you a detailed review of elements to consider before choosing a bathtub. You will also discover which bathtub materials are the best and a list of the latest semi-freestanding as well as inset bathtubs on the market.


Gone are those days when people purchased a white bath. Some of the latest models allow you to make a viable statement with bright colors, finishes, as well as material. Bath options have tremendously broadened in the recent five years. Previously, homeowner’s only choices were acrylic, porcelain, as well as enameled steel. As of now, we see new trends and designs of bathtubs made of resin, concrete, in addition to stone composites.

These unique materials have played the role of paving the way for a broad swathe of new yet revolutionary designs, including freestanding and corner bathtubs, which are some of the preferred bathtubs types. Most of the materials are also molded and not pressed. This implies that it is easier to design and create various organic shapes.

Freestanding bathtub designs can provide you with chunky weight as well as the slimmest rims. Inset and semi-freestanding bathtubs are not just neat but practical in many ways. Unlike when baths seemed to be functional fixtures, lately, designers have recognized their potential to decorate large and small bathrooms. For instance, in Italy this year, we witnessed bathrooms taking on a new life that is beyond the standard functionalities, with new open-plan designs coupled with softer textures that have predominantly graced our living rooms. Such models make a solid statement in modern bathroom-setting.

In Closing

Before you fall in love with the bathtub designs stated in this article, consider if it is right for you. Is it what you need in your bathroom? Opt for colored material coupled with a textured finish. You can also choose a contemporary shape or, better yet, a classical style. But before anything else, find out if you have sufficient space for the variety. If you still have questions regarding the right bathtub to purchase, you can read our next series of bathtub designs to make a viable choice.  

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