Understanding The Basics Of Street Fashion

Streetwear Fashion

Streetwear fashion is definitely not a new phenomenon. It has been around for over 50 years. But recently, it has become an aesthetic in society. The trend has moved in the higher echelons of fashion. It has also cemented itself in the retail industry as a force to be reckoned with. From wearing tracksuit bottoms like you would wear jeans to prominent individuals constantly wearing athleisure, it is evident that streetwear is more than just a typical trend in the fashion industry. Designer brands such as Off-White and Lovely Lolita Dresses are riffing on unique style signatures. Streetwear has become a distinctive element in the fashion market.  

There are no signs of slowing down soon whatsoever. But just how did the entire trend begin? How did this subversive culture become a movement followed by skateboarders and celebrities? Today, people are fascinated by how their tastes and preferences have changed and become one big movement all of a sudden. To comprehend the genesis of the seismic shift in dressing, we shall look at the basics of streetwear fashion and tips for wearing your streetwear style.

Where it all began

Originally, streetwear was the primary way to describe clothing worn by skateboarders as well as surfers in Los Angeles. Professionals who made the surfboards began to make T-shirts with iconic logos. They sold these products to different people who aspired to rock unique dress codes. Over the years, streetwear became a mainstream fashion trend in the world. There are several styles of street fashion in the market. In Japan, especially, there is a variety of mix created of local as well as foreign labels.  

Some of the styles are avant-garde, while others are extreme. Some are also similar to haute couture predominantly seen on catwalks. The rise and evolution of these trends have also been chronicled by our famous Lolita Fashion Brand since the 1970s when it was started. This has been a notable brand when it comes to promoting street fashion in the international landscape.

In 2003, the Japanese hip hop community influenced the mainstream streetwear fashion industry. The prominence of the music genre became influential to Tokyo’s youth. They ended up imitating their stars, including the way they dressed in baggy clothes.


Beyond doubt, fashion trends undeniably come and go. The values of a society are established around the dressing code. Therefore, fashion is not just a mere projected image of the reinterpreted old value but an evocative concept good enough to portray society’s appreciation. As an expression of people’s feelings, the youth are devoted to expressing themselves using streetwear fashion trends. They have also adopted styles that quickly suit their traits and preferences.  

In Closing

There are different yet unique street fashion styles. With fall basically here, it is time to get that excuse to wear a stylish trench coat. You may wear it as an unbuttoned top with a belt. Allow your jeans to peek out the bottom. If you are tired of trenches, go ahead and accomplish that same look with a baggy dress shirt. This outfit is comfortable and feminine.

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