Why are more women wearing black summer dresses?

black summer dresses

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer trends is color. For so long, stylists, fashionistas, and generally everyone has had the notion that the summer calls for a pop of color. The reason why this is so is that summer is a hot season, as light-colored garments tend to reflect the heat. This helps to keep the heat away from the body and beat the summer heat. Black summer dresses for women are, however, fast becoming a trend. It is safe to say that more people are not shy about trying out black pieces during the summer. Despite the heat, you can always make cute black pieces paired with accessories during the summer. 

Why should you wear black in the summer?

Scientists have explained that black is the most unsuitable attire for the summer because it absorbs heat. The same can be said for light-colored clothes if you look deeper into the issue. The temperature during the summer does not just come from the sun. Several aspects contribute to the sweating. The heat from the warm blood in our veins can also add to sweating and excess heat.

When wearing light clothes, just like they reflect heat from the sun, the same happens to temperature from the body. In other words, light clothes tend to reflect heat from the body back to it, causing you to heat up and sweat. Dark-colored clothes can beat this effect. This speaks to the fact that sometimes the heat cannot be avoided entirely. You can also hit the weather with black dresses that are light. Linen, chiffon, and laces are an excellent material option for the summer. Hence you cannot completely do away with dark clothes using the heat absorption and reflection card. 

How to rock the Little black dress during the summer


Accessorizing- line any other time of the year, adding accessories to the dress is always the right way of adding style. Necklaces, belts, bracelets, and earing are still a remarkable way of adding class and style to the outfit. Hats are also the right way of adding summer chick to a black outfit. The type of accessories you use with your dress depends on the occasion and the time of the day. Black summer dresses for women can be accessorized to look either official or casual. 

Add a bit of color- you can always add a pop of color with light-colored shoes or scarfs. A blazer with a light color would also do the trick. Leggings would also be a good option, but colored leggings are a step in the wrong fashion direction.

Take Away

Wearing black during the summer is an excellent way to look unique as most people will be edging towards lighter colors. When wearing black, especially during the summer, it is always wise to add a bit of color. Wearing an all-black outfit may have people wondering if you’re mourning. It may also appear too dull.

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