WEN 56235i Generator Review- The Best Portable Inverter Generator


Inverter generators are the advanced category of generators that comes with a lot of benefits. They are more efficient and run long as compared to traditional generators. Although they are expensive they are worth buying. The given wen 56235i generator review describes one of the efficient portable inverter generators on which you can rely.

Everything You Want To Know About Wen 56235i Generator

Whether you need a generator for your home or office, the wen 56235i generator can fulfill all your needs. It is a lightweight portable inverter generator that comes with some advanced features.

Key Features

The following are the main key features of the wen 56235i generator that make it an exceptional choice:

● Eco mode switch

This super quiet 2350-watt generator comes with an automatic fuel consumption adjustment switch named an eco-mode switch. By using this feature the generator will regulate fuel consumption. Whenever any item is plugged in or plugged off this feature will adjust the fuel consumption of the generator to avoid unnecessary fuel usage.

● Fuel shutoff

This is an amazing feature of the wen 56235i generator. By using this feature you can turn off the supply of fuel and the generator has to use the remaining fuel present in the carburetor before it shuts down automatically. This feature not only prolongs the life span of your generator but also reduces maintenance and prevents the blockage that can be caused by the stagnant fuel of the carburetor.

● WEN Parallel Kit

In case you need more energy than 2350 watts, by using the wen parallel kit you can link up two wen generators and share the wattage. By using this method you can not only get more total wattage but the wattage at both outlets on either generator also increases.


● Get clean energy

With the help of this 2350-watt generator, you can get clean energy free of drops and voltage spikes and without any noise. It produces 2350 surge and 1900 rated watts. As mentioned earlier, it is equipped with a fuel shut-off feature.

It keeps the harmonic distortion under 1.2% so the electric current is safe for sensitive devices such as laptops, cellphones, and others.

● Operate quietly

The generator operates quietly thanks to its 79cc 4-stroke OHV engine. The produced sound can be comparable to a normal conversation according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

● Lightweight

WEN 56235i generator is an ultra-light inverter generator that weighs only 39 pounds. Because of this reason, it is easy to move or transport anywhere with you like on a road trip. Its compact size also makes it easy to store products.

● Require low maintenance

As described above, because of the fuel shutoff feature, chances of blockage are reduced to a significant level and it will limit maintenance.


Wattage 2350 watts surge

1900 watts running

Weight 39 pounds
Type of engine 4 stroke

79cc OHV

Fuel Tank 1.06 Gallon
Run time 10.5 hours

Quarter load

Price $429.00


It can be concluded that wen 56235i generators are a good option for indoor or outdoor usage because of their advance designs and improved working. They are efficient, light in weight, compact in size, and come with a lot of useful advanced features as described in the above article.

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