Garden Hose Care Ideas to make them Last Longer


The garden hose seems like a simple piece of equipment – a tube that allows you to disperse water even if you are a few meters away from the water source. But this simple gardening tool does a lot of work and frankly, no garden will survive without one. So, you must know some garden hose care to ensure that your garden hose will last long.

A lot of factors can diminish the quality and durability of your garden hose. You must know how to prevent them or deal with them when the situation arises. Read on below to know some garden hose care tips.

Garden hose care tips

Choose rubber washers

Rubber washers in coupling last longer than plastic. Make sure that you always take the time to check on your washers and look for any cracks or other deformities. This will prevent any loose connections or leaks.

Store your garden hose properly

A lot of people tend to just leave the hose where they last used it. This is not good since they can be trampled on, they get exposed to the elements, and if you have an unmowed lawn, they can be a tripping hazard. You must make the effort to store them properly after every use.

An effortless way to do this is to invest in a hose reel. Hose reels come with a stable retraction method that allows you to manually or automatically reel the hose in for storage compactly and neatly. Some models come with a storage case so that the hose is protected when not in use.

Use a nozzle to control water flow

Most people have the habit of folding their hoses to control or stop the water flow. This kinks and creases the hose material and can lead to cracks and leaks. Instead, invest in a hose nozzle that offers multiple water flow settings.

Go for high-quality fittings

Brass is the most durable fitting for garden hoses. If possible, get the coupling that comes in an octagonal shape so that you can easily use pliers to tighten or loosen the connection.

Remember to never use an aluminum coupling to connect to a brass faucet for a long period. The two materials will react and cause galvanic corrosion that will make it difficult for you to separate the hose from the faucet because the two metals will fuse together. You can avoid this from happening by disconnecting the hose all the time or using a plastic coupling between the two metals.

Drain out your hose in the winter

When winter comes, you barely need to use the hose so you have to set it away for storage during the season. Before doing so, make sure that the hose has no water in it. This way, when the cold temperatures reach the garden hose, the water stuck inside will not cause the hose to expand and burst.

Last thoughts

Taking extra care of your garden hose means they get to stay with you for a long time. Getting a high-quality garden hose and taking good care of it makes better sense than getting a cheap hose that needs to be replaced every few months. Remember, good things last if you take care of them!

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