Why You Need A Pressure Washer Hose Reels


A pressure washer hose reel is a product used to store a pressure washer hose. It is usually made up of a cylindrical wheel on which the pressure house is wound. The wheel can be manufactured from a wide range of materials like metal, plastic, or fiberglass. This device is also beneficial in ensuring that the hoses suffer no leaks. This post will be focusing on hose reel benefits and applications.

What are the benefits of using pressure washer hose reels?

Below are some reasons why you would benefit from using a pressure washer hose reel;

1. Safety of the hose

Using a hose reel helps reduce wear on your pressure washer hose. It does this by keeping it in place when using and not using the product. It also prevents the hose from twisting and kinking. These two elements are the primary causes for leaks and other damages to the hoses.

2. Safety of people

In addition to promoting the safety of the hose, it also promotes the safety of the people around. For instance, when the hose is rolled up and stored correctly out of the way, it prevents accidents like tripping.

3. Productivity

Using a hose reel also helps increase your productivity. It does this by allowing the hose to dispense fluids easily and quickly. You also do not have to spend a lot of time unkinking or getting the product out of storage before using it.

Categories of pressure washer hose reels

These products can be categorized based on the following elements;

1. Operation

This category features the following types of pressure washer hose reels;

  • Manual– these are those on which the hose is wound manually. This is done using an operating crank. The crank is typically located on the side of the reel.
  • Automatic– they are also known as spring-loaded hose reels. The spring mechanism automatically winds the hose on the reel when it is released. However, with this type of reel, you would have to use more effort to pull the hose because of the pressure applied to the spring mechanism.
  • Electric– they are powered using an electric motor. They usually feature a large volume and diameter to host the motor. Their design is also more complex than that of its counterparts.

2. Capacity

These reels can also be categorized based on the hose capacity they can host. Naturally, hose reels that can accommodate a larger hose capacity feature a wider diameter and overall size.

3. Mounting technology

Here, there are two types of hose reels;

  • Portable– these can be moved from one place to the next, and they do not need to be installed
  • Stationery– these have to be mounted on a wall or floor permanently before application.


Choosing the best pressure washer is very important. Additionally, choosing the perfect pressure washer hose and the hose reel is also essential. These products work together to promote the best performance and durability of the pressure washer. When choosing the best hose reel, you must consider some factors: capacity, cost, durability, brand, and type.

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