When should you replace your yoga mat

yoga mat

If you use your yoga mat quite often, you may notice that it starts to look frail and worn-out. Yoga mats become replaceable after six months or one year depending on how often they are used.

Using an outdated, worn out and smelly mats can affect one’s health, yoga sessions, and lead to physical injuries.

However, how do you know when it is time to replace your yoga mat? Here are a few prominent tell-tale signs to look out for.

Never Ending Smell

Imagine washing your yoga mat daily but still, the bad odor still lingers on. Usually, the bad smell is because of the build-up of dirt sweat and germs. The bad smell can affect your workout sessions and become an irritation to the other people in the yoga room.  

Subsequently, if you have tried all the tricks on how to clean a yoga mat and nothing seems to get rid of the smell, invest in a new one.

You Struggle to attain Balance

Are you struggling to balance properly during your yoga sessions? Well, it could be your yoga mat. As the cushion in your mat starts to wear out, it becomes uneven such that when you sit on it you have difficulty holding balanced poses.

Early on, it will be subtle, but as you continue to use it and feel the unevenness, then it is time to start searching for a new mat. You do not want to end up injuring yourself in the process.

It is Too Slippery

Do you find yourself slipping each time you are trying yoga poses? The slipperiness is because the fabric has lost its texture and traction. The latter is critical when you are trying the difficult poses and can result in you slipping and injuring yourself. If this is what you are experiencing, then it is time to replace your mat.

Too Many Tears and Sewn Up Parts

Most yoga mats are made from rubber that is susceptible to tearing when used for a very long time. Nothing beats the feeling of using a new yoga mat. Torn and sewed up mats are not aesthetically appealing and can affect your yoga morale. What is more, when the rubber tears the torn parts are the perfect entry point for microbes that can cause skin irritation and infections.

Also, if you find that you have repaired your mat and it has more sewn up parts then it is time to replace it.

Experiencing Body Aches

A good yoga mat is one that when you sit on it you feel it is well-cushioned. If you feel that you are starting to get backaches and pain in the joints, then probably it is your yoga mat that has lost its cushioned capability.

Mostly, you will notice that some sections of your mat have been sucked in. This makes your mat uneven which can make it difficult for you to attain good posture and stability resulting in body aches and tiredness after the sessions.

If you are experiencing body aches after using your old mat, then it is time to look for a new one.

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