How to Transfer Your Whatsapp Messages From Android to ios


Whatsapp is an international phenomenon. Currently, it is also one of the most popular messaging apps across the world. It has more than 1 billion users who can gain access to the WhatsApp messenger annually. With the high number of people communicating through this channel, taking a backup is crucial. The idea is based on helping users to retrieve deleted messages.

Other than that, you can always restore chats if they have been deleted accidentally. Over the years, Whatsapp has become an instant messaging App capable of helping its users to send and receive messages, images, audios, as well as videos. Users can make good use of Wifi; however, a cellular network is also a reliable channel for connection.

Note, these platform has become a vital communication tool in two worlds, namely Android and ios. Its extensive popularity has allowed most android users to switch to iPhone. This poses the challenge of moving their Whatsapp messages from Android to ios.

In this blog post, we will learn how to move WhatsApp chats from Android to ios. Here are the leading reliable methods:

Idea 1: Use WhatsMate to Move Whatsapp History from Your Android to ios

Whatsmate is a secure method of transferring the entire WhatsApp data and new conversations from your android device to the ios. You can achieve this by downloading and then installing whatsmate via your PC. Thereafter, you should click the transfer icon. Use two reliable USB cables in connecting your Android and ios to the computer. After that, you should choose the chats icon, followed by calls, and then click on transfer. Your messages will move to the new ios.

Idea 2: You Can Use Email Chat to Transfer Your Chats from Your Android to Your iPhone

Open your WhatsApp application on the android device. Thereafter, it would help if you located the setting tab. Click select chat settings and then tap on the icon that reads email chat. This should be found in the chat history. Select the messages you would like to transfer and then input the email account. You can now click the option for sending. Log into your email account and then view messages. They should now be in the ios account.

Idea 3: You Can Transfer Your Whatsapp Messages from the Android to ios Using Backup

Click on the setting and then go to chats. Thereafter, it would help if you went to the chat backup on your WhatsApp. Uninstall WhatsApp on Android. Go ahead and install it in your ios. Use the same contact number in signing up for the new WhatsApp account. From there, you will receive a prompt for Backup. Restore and then transfer the data you need to store.  


Google is obviously making life easier for users of WhatsApp. Until now, everyone is in a position to use the popular instant messaging platform to communicate while backing up their data on various devices such as Google Drive without the worry about storage space. You can use the three methods above to backup your data.

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