In light of all the Summer Dont’s we’ve been offering in the last few days, we thought it prescient to change focus and offer some Summer Do’s for all those confused menfolk out there…

If you’re a chap just trying to get by in a world full of opportunities to look like a Ken doll, a homeless person or a complete lost cause – a chap trying to make sense of the complex terrain of hot-weather-dressing –  the joy of finding the right brand for you is almost unholy.

Are you an urban, street-wear aficionado? Yeah, you want to look cool, and yeah, you’ve got the attitude to pull off a wacky Hawaiian shirt when the first cheeky hint of sun comes though, but you also want everyday stuff that looks good while your Effort Dial remains firmly set to Man Level (zero for you laypeople).

So here it is, the answer to the male fashion dilemma of Summer Dressing: Stussy. Stussy does laid-back, Summer-cool exceedingly well. Guys can channel the all-important air of nonchalance rocking the slick Bad Boy Oxford shirt equally as much as hanging out in the Pop Lion T-Shirt. I love a good slogan tee so’s I do (who doesn’t, right – as long as it’s the right side of irony) and Stussy delivers the attention-grabbing goods with calls to action like “Bring the Noise”. Stussy also does a fine line in stripy tee’s – lash over a pair of knee-length chinos and top with a Stussy Trucker Snapback cap and you’ve totally got your Summer ‘on.

Every now and again, men engage in a particular habit, but are kinda bound by Man-Code not to reveal it. Men look to celebrities to guide and reaffirm their own style (come on, you’re in a safe place here) and you know what? It’s ok. Robert Sheehan, of Misfits fame, is a pretty safe bet for inspiration lately. His style varies between laid-back urban-street and almost smart, but you’ve gotta love the effortless rock ‘n’ roll thread that runs through every look he pulls off. This handsome fecker shows Irish men they can go for unusual colour mixes, plaid prints, and t-shirts with darker, edgy images. Stussy (to be found at Size) totally fits the bill, so get down there and start stocking up for your summer

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