Tips for using blister stickers

Blister Stickers

How about we begin this post about wholesale custom blister stickers with a question, or two? Have you gone on a long walk on a hot summer afternoon, only to feel a sharp stabbing pain beneath your foot? On checking out the source of the pain you realize that you have a huge blister (know more) forming. Almost every one of us has gone through that at some point.

Now, the question is what do you do when this happens because the pain becomes more excruciating and unbearable with each step? Well, this problem is no longer a huge issue these days. You want to know why? Here’s the simple answer, blister stickers.

Also, this amazing invention protects the wounded surface and ensures it is clean, well-cushioned, and heals very fast. That is aside from the moisture-absorbing ability they bear. For the purpose of this post, you might see references made to Zigpac custom blister stickers.

What’s the stuff inside?

As soon as you take off the protective layer, you will notice that this is not the regular plaster. It possesses a different texture, rubbery in nature, more like when a steamroller runs over a chewy sweet. These stickers are able to absorb moisture because they contain the colloidal substance.

Colloids are evenly spread out mixtures and the two most common examples are aerosols and emulsions. A very popular kind of emulsion is milk (by the way, the emulsion is a mixture containing fatty particles dissolved in watery fluid). Smoke is a clear example of aerosols.

The idea behind these Zigpac stickers is that when placed over the blister, because of their colloidal nature, they will absorb the moisture present in the blister. They seem like custom blister stickers in a way because of how efficient they are.

They possess an elastomer top layer that holds the sticker together. Then there is the harmless adhesive that is mixed in. this one lets the sticker stay on for a few days stuck to your skin.

Blister Stickers

How do these blister stickers work?

They work like magic, as soon as they touch the surface of the blister, the moisture absorption process begins. This process is referred to medically as “exudate.”  The moisture that is absorbed forms a gel on the sticker.

For this reason, the sticker dressing is quickly converted into a spongy, soft mass that cushions over the wounded surface. This is why you can keep walking unperturbed. One key property of the gel is that it is cohesive. This implies that any liquid that seeps through the wounded surface stays under the dressing.

In the initial stages, not even vapor can escape from the covered surface. However, as time goes by, the blister sticker becomes more permeable allowing the wound beneath to dry up and heal fast.

Also, a great advantage these Zigpac stickers have over normal dressing is that they can be removed without causing damage to the skin underneath. This should be great news for you, especially if you suffer blisters very often.

A closer look

There are tons of sticker dressings for blisters, the only differences they may bear is in their makeup. Regardless of this, they work in a similar manner explained below.

  • First, they have a black waterproof outer layer. This is usually made from polyurethane film and it is meant to keep moisture away from the wound.
  • Secondly, the middle layer is formed of a gray foam sheet. This is designed to keep the wound warm and also provide a cushion effect.
  • Also, there is an orange honeycomb layer that functions to absorb exudate from the wounded surface. It ends up as a spongy, soft gel which seals off nicely around the edges so the exudate does not spill out.
  • The outer layer of these blister stickers is so secure that bacteria and dirt cannot pass through.
  • Finally, the gel has additional functions. They include reducing pain, keeping nerve endings continually moist, and facilitating skin repair.
Blister Stickers

Tips for using blister stickers

Before going ahead, you may order custom blister stickers or wholesale blister stickers from Zigpac. This is not medical advice but the tips will help you based on personal experience. It is important that you go through the instructions that come with the stickers before you start dressing the wound.

If you feel you are not getting it right or you are not sure the blister dressing is the right remedy for the wound, it is imperative that you reach out to your physician. It is also important to seek medical advice when you feel that the wound has been infected or doesn’t heal fast.


  • Generally, these blister stickers work better on certain parts of the foot than others. They are not as effective on the toes and heels as they are in wider areas, except you will restrict your movement. There is a simple and logical reason why this is so. Due to continuous movement, the blister sticker works itself free before the wound beneath is completely healed. One simple hack you could try is applying some tape to reverse side of the blister dressing. This keeps it in place at least for now.
  • Also, the sticker should be big enough to cover the wound, we advise you to go through the range of wholesale blister stickers from Zigpac to pick the appropriate sticker. If it is too small, the gel may leak out from the edges. Asides this, the wound will take ages to heal and it may end up getting infected. A quick suggestion, when going on walking or hiking trips, take a small box of dressings containing several sizes of custom blister stickers.
  • Note that never peel off the sticker till it shows signs that it is ready to come off on its own. If you do, you might just peel off the new skin developing together with the sticker. Imagine how painful that would be.
  • If you won’t be stepping out or moving around at all, you may leave the wound open. It is likely to dry up faster when exposed to air. The stickers are necessary to give you comfort when you have to be on the road and you have a blister.

Understanding blister stickers roundup

This post about blister stickers must have provided you the much-needed knowledge you require concerning this subject. You can choose from the wholesale blister stickers and custom blister stickers by Zigpac for all your blister sticker needs. 

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