How to Care for Prescription Swim Goggles

Prescription Swim Goggles

Swimming is one recreational activity that is widely practiced. However, people often assume to protect their eyes from the chlorine chemical that may lead to damaging your eyes. But, if you decide to use swimming goggles, you prevent eye damage from chlorine. So, consider buying a pair of Firesara swim goggles for both you and your family member.

However, it is important to note the chlorine components found in the water not only irritates your eyes but also damages your prescription swim goggles. Therefore, it’s necessary to care for the goggles if you want them to last longer. Here are tips to help you care for your prescription swim goggles effectively.

Rinse The Goggles

There is a reason why you’re advised to rinse your prescription swim goggles after every swimming experience. But remember, if you allow the detergent to come into contact with the lenses, your goggles will lose the anti-fog property.

 In connection to that, once you leave the swimming pool; place your best swimming goggles for competition or just swimming under running fresh water to wash off the chlorine and other chemicals used to treat the pool water. Also, avoid using a cloth to scrub the lenses because you’ll destroy the anti-fog property or else leave some scratches on the lenses.

However, if the items in question are swim goggles for kids or those that do not have anti-fog properties, you can use mild soap + shampoo but remember to wash them gently with a sponge. Also, rinse the goggles thoroughly to remove the soap or sponge residue that might have stuck on then.

Lastly, if you realize there is still dirt on your lenses even after rinsing, consider soaking the goggles in a solution made of vinegar and lukewarm water. Ensure you submerge the goggles in water for two hours then rinse in cold water.

Prescription Swim Goggles

Leave The Goggles To Dry

Are you swimming racer? Well, once you rinse your racing swim goggles, you need to leave them in the open to dry. But, one important thing to note is, don’t wipe the lenses or the rubber band with a towel. Instead, place a towel on a flat surface away from the sun.

Note; Storing your goggles before they dry allows the growth of mold that might cause bacterial infection to your eyes the next time you’ll be using the prescription swim goggles. Always follow the right cleaning and drying procedure for a better experience.

Store The Goggles In Protective Case

When buying your pair of goggles, it must have come with a case. Use that case to store your goggles when they’re dry. If you have swimming goggles with nose cover, ensure you put the case away from heat.

 It is important to note when cleaning your goggles always avoid using hot water. Hot water is blamed for melting the nose cover and silicone straps.

Buy Anti-Fog Solution

One of the first mistake swimmers makes to clean their prescription swim goggles with alcohol to remove foggy. Instead of using alcohol, invest in anti-fog sprays that will clear your lenses before the next swimming race.

Take away

If you follow the routine above when caring for your prescription swim goggles, they will remain clear and retain their functionality. Also, if you own a pair of best swimming goggles for beginners, follow the routine above while caring for your pair of goggles. They might look simple steps, but they all matter in the wellness of your swimming goggles.

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