How to Buy FUT Coins- 7 Easy Steps


If you are reading this, you are just about to have your mind opened to a whole new experience. You thought FIFA was awesome? You have not seen anything yet if you have not tried FIFA wit FUT coins. FIFA 20 FUT coins are the part of what makes the game so epic this year. As a gamer, it would be next to impossible that the dilemma of how to buy FUT Coins does not interest you. If it does, this article is definitely for you.

Intro to FUT Coins

FUT coins have been a constant feature in FIFA games in recent years. But this year it has attained a whole new level of fun. FUT Coins open you up to a lot of other interesting experiences in your gaming careers. They have brought the entire game to life. First, the graphics of the FIFA 20 blew your mind. Now let FUT coins make your gaming experience even more like the real-life FIFA experience. Yes, buying and selling of all sort of items and players, building teams and many more.  

In simpler terms, FUT coins are virtual currency. They are specific to the FIFA gaming world. They are available for all forms of gaming devices. We have FUT coins for PC, Switch, XBOX ONE, PS4 and even mobile FUT Coins.

How to Buy Fut Coins

The process of buying FUT coins could be divided into about 7 fundamental steps. These steps are pretty straight forward. We will be outlining these steps and explaining them in as simple a way as possible:

The very first and inevitable step is to own a FIFA account. To buy FUT coins you need a valid FIFA account. This step is the most obvious one.

The second step is to log in and selecting a platform. Once you have logged into your account, all you need to do is to pick the gaming console or platform you would be using the coins on. The available platforms have been mentioned earlier but they would be outlined again:

– PC

– Switch


– PS4 and

– Mobile

The third step involves deciding on how much FUT coins you want to purchase and selecting a suitable payment method.

The fourth step is to go to your Member Center and click on Get Coins to completely transfer the bought coins.

The fifth step is to click on the Player Auction 3.0. It is usually paired with the Comfort Trade 3.0 option.

The sixth step is to put your player up for sale on the market.

The seventh step is to fully and correctly fill in the player` details. Then use the Search option to find your player` card from the available list. Then finally submit.


With these steps, buying FUT coins should not be a challenge. The steps even contain additional details on how to earn more by putting players up for auction. Use FUT coins and enjoy the full thrill of the FIFA 20 experience.

One more thing. If you want to know how to buy FUT coins easily, that click will lead you right to it.

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