Signs to look out for when choosing your baby’s bathtub


The ecstasy of having a newborn is can sometimes be overwhelming. Most parents, (especially mothers) receive their young ones with mixed feelings but over time this all dies down and its love all the way. Baby bath times are moments that create intimacy between mother and child and having the right baby bathtub will make this experience totally enjoyable. Back in the day, most babies have their bath in the kitchen sink but in modern times, a baby bathtub is necessary to provide adequate support. It is important to know that babies can be slippery when they are wet and older babies are curious and like to find new things thus, using the right baby bathtub would help curtail the baby and keep him in check.

Kinds of baby bathtubs

There are three basic kinds of baby bathtubs;

  • Sink insert baby bathtubs

These baby bathtubs can easily be placed in a sink and are often used for babies below six months of age. Most people that do not have a bathtub in their bathroom make use of this baby bathtub.

  • Basin-style baby bathtubs

These baby bathtubs are standalone mini tubs that can be used in common bathtubs and even on tables and kitchen counters. Some have an option for new-born that can be easily detached that way, the baby can use the bathtub for a year.

  • Convertible baby bathtubs

These baby bathtubs can easily be converted from a bathtub for a newborn to a basin-style baby bathtub.

When choosing a baby bathtub one should consider the following;

  • Available space

It is important to consider the space available in your apartment before choosing the bathtub that will suit your baby.

  • Portability and transferability

Your baby bathtub should be portable and transferable so you will be to use it in places other than your regular bath space.  

  • The material of the bathtub

Bathtubs made of plastic are easy to dry and are often firm in the middle. Foam cushioned bathtubs do not dry up easily and can be easily peeled off and eaten by the baby. Inflatable bathtubs can save space in the bathrooms since they can be easily deflated after use but they have the tendency to tip over and this can put your baby’s life at risk.

  • Easy to drain bathtubs

Baby bathtubs with plugs underneath can easily drain water and it even augments easy drying of the tub.

  • Support

It is best to use a baby bathtub that supports your baby’s head and shoulders. This makes bathing a lot easier and fun.

  • Size of the bathtub

In as much as we like our babies small and cute, they would not always remain so hence, when choosing a baby bathtub we must put that in mind and pick one that gives room for growth and can be used till they outgrow infancy.

Getting a baby bathtub

If you are choosing a baby bathtub, you should consider these points as they would keep you on track and you would definitely get the right bathtub that would suit your baby’s need. Looking to get other types of bathroom bathtubs or bathtub bunnings? Details are here and can be accessed easily. What a wonderful time to be alive!

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