What would be the right color for your bathroom vanity unit?


Bathroom vanity units are made up of a mirror or two mirrors, a sink or two, and cabinets. Countertops are also a significant feature in bathroom vanity units. The cabinets of bathroom vanity units are used for the storage of different items. Such items include accessories, towels, toiletries, and other electric devices like hair dryers. Bathroom vanities are an incredible way of adding real estate value to a house. They also help improve the appearance of the bathroom and the home in general in addition to adding convenience. Installing a bathroom vanity is a challenge. One of the crucially challenging aspects is choosing the right color for a bathroom vanity unit. In this post, we seek to make the task easier.

Tips for choosing the color of a bathroom vanity unit

The color of a bathroom vanity unit dramatically influences the appearance of the unit. Below are some tips for choosing the most appealing color.

  • Consider the color of your bathroom walls

Most interior design enthusiasts opt for different wall colors for different rooms of the house. In case you are renovating or replacing a regular sink with a vanity, this factor is more crucial. This feature means that you would have to consider the original color of the wall. It is not necessary to use the same color as the wall. However, you can opt for a color that blends well with the color of the wall. For instance, a white wall with a beige colored vanity would be an excellent combination. While it is typical for homeowners to choose different colors for different rooms, it is, however, wise to make sure that the color matches the rest of the house.

  • Use a color wheel

Using a color wheel to determine the right color scheme for bathrooms as well as vanities is an excellent choice. A color wheel will help you determine which two colors go well together. For instance, in a color wheel, purple is placed directly across from yellow. This placement means that the two colors complement each other well. On the other hand, if the colors are adjacent to each other, it means that they are analogous. A color wheel will come in handy if you are looking to use more than one color. This is because it gives you an idea of how to blend the colors and what not to do. However, if you are looking to apply a single color, it may not be necessary.

  • Take risks

There are various ways to take risks with bathroom vanity colors. One of the most significant risks would be using deep color tones or darker tones. The dark colors help to create a dramatic contrast. Contrasting two bright colors is also a way to take risks. You can also do so by combining two neutral colors.

Take Away

There is something called the three-color rule in creating bathroom vanities. This means that you can choose three different colors and distribute them accordingly. Light colors should always take a more significant percentage with the bold ones taking a smaller portion of the house.

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