How to Use a Dental mask

medical face mask

Dental face masks are used to protect dental professionals from bacteria, splatter, and airborne diseases. As a dentist, you must be willing to work with high-speed scalars and handpieces. These are used every day to cater to individuals with a toothache. Due to the urgency of their job, every dentist must have a face mask to prevent splatter or airborne disease during work.

In the 1960s there were numerous reports of upper respiratory tract infections among some dentists and to curb this infection, Dental masks were developed. Down to this day, the emphasis on dental masks is really low as most dentists have thousands of face masks at their disposal.

Globally most dentists were a dental mask for protection while treating patients but still, some do not use it properly. To avoid confusion you must know how to put on a face mask.

How to choose the right face mask.

While putting into consideration the number of patients that may be encountered daily, choosing the right face mask will help prevent the spread of bacteria or airborne diseases to patients or any member of your team.

 Face masks are necessary to cover the nose, mouth, and chin firmly. A wearer should be able to breathe easily and should not have any discomfort. All these are needed by a dentist but still choosing the right Dental face mask remains technical.

There are 3 levels of face mask which are designed to protect a dentist during operation with clients.

  • The level one face mask is useful in cases where a low amount of aerosols, sprays, and other fluids are used.
  •  The level two face mask is useful in cases where a moderate amount of bacteria are expected.
  • Level three is generally good for both moderate and high amounts of fluids which may be generated through treatments.

With the above information, the higher the treatment determines the type of face mask to be used. Dental face masks are to be regulated by the dentist depending on the types of patients available.

How to wear a dental face mask.

These masks are to be worn firmly covering the nose and the mouth. Always ensure that your face mask is free from contamination and this can be done by washing hands with soaps or alcohol-based sanitizers. It is important to carefully check the surgical mask to ensure there are no holes.

How to remove a dental face mask.

Once treatment is over, ensure your hands are thoroughly washed before removing the face mask. The mask should be removed through the ear and make sure you do not come in to direct contact with the front of the face mask.

The importance of a Dental mask can really not be overemphasized. For more information on the various types of face masks, you can check out the Huana brand. Make sure all precautions are considered to avoid the spread of any bacteria or airborne disease.

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