How to maintain a wall mounted pressure washer


As the name implies, wall-mounted pressure washers are fixed on the wall. Unlike the regular pressure washer, they are mostly powered by electricity and give power seamlessly. They are often referred to as 2-in-1. This is because they have dual functions. They are very convenient to use especially in places with limited space.

Wall-mounted pressure washers are medium-sized and medium weight. They are mostly found in places such as car washes, grocery stores, meat facilities, service stations, etc. Wall-mounted pressure washers do not require setup before use as they are already fixed on the wall. You just need to plug it in and you are ready to go. They can

The wall-mounted pressure washer is suited for both cold and hot water so long as your water supply is properly connected. The wall-mounted pressure washer has several benefits but to fully maximize these you must properly maintain it. In this article, we will be reviewing some maintenance tips for a wall-mounted pressure washer.

Maintaining a wall mounted pressure washer

To ensure the durability and efficiency of any machine, one needs to properly maintain it and follow the instructor’s guide. However, there are some common things you should know about how to maintain a wall-mounted pressure washer. They are listed below;

Note: Make sure to switch off the engine before beginning any maintenance tip.

Before using the pressure washer, check the following;

  • Pressure nozzle

Check the pressure nozzle to make sure it isn’t blocked with dirt. Connect the water supply hose and squeeze the hand-gun trigger while the lance is disconnected. This causes water to run through the pressure washer. Continue this process till the water flow is constant.

  • Water source

Always have at least 25ft (10m) of uncoiled hose between your water source and the engine especially if you are using an external water source. The inner diameter of the water hose should be about 12mm.

  • Inlet filter

Always check the inlet filter of the wall-mounted pressure washer for dirt or debris that might have been stuck to it. Checking the filter could prevent the pressure washer from developing faults in the future.

During Use

  • When the wall-mounted pressure washer is in use, do not touch the main socket or plug with wet hands. If you must touch it, make sure your hands are dry.
  • It is advised to use a residual current device (RCD) when using the pressure washer. This is to minimize the risk of fire outbreaks or electrocution that may result from electrical faults.
  • If your extension cords or electrical connections are damaged fix them before using the machine.
  • When using your pressure washer, it is best to fully uncoil any extension lead.

Periodically (preferably every month)

  • Consistently clean the nozzle of the pressure washer to maintain the water flow and keep germs away. If not properly maintained, the nozzle can breed germs and bacteria.
  • Always check your connections (pipes, hoses, electrical connections) for wear and tear.


A machine can work efficiently well if only we take time to maintain it and the wall-mounted pressure washer is not left out.

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