A Complete Guide To Pick Weight Lifting For Gym


Many people find it difficult to select their Poids Musculation gloves for workout or weightlifting with the plethora of products available in the market right now. To figure out the right weightlifting gloves can confuse you if you don’t have sufficient knowledge. We have made it easy for you to pick the right gloves for your workout with the benefits and in-depth knowledge of gloves.

Type of material for gloves

 We have different materials used on weight lifting gloves that you should know.

· Leather: One of the most common materials used for weight lifting gloves is leather. These gloves are durable and last longer than most gloves. It offers relief from rods and heavy bars and gives the user a better grip during weight lifting.

· Rubber: The rubber gloves last longer and offer the feeling of comfort. However, the rubber gloves are not as solid as the leather gloves. It offers an excellent grip when you lift the weight. The gloves can feature an inner lining that eliminates sweating.

· Neoprene material: The neoprene material is a synthetic rubber material that offers a strong grip to the user. The material is both water and thermal-resistant, especially for people who sweat more.

· Silicone: Silicone-based gloves are mostly seen in industries because of their rubber-like material. This type of silicone offers friction and enhances your grip.

· Cotton Mesh: The cotton mesh gloves are breathable, making them one of the best on the market. For weight lifters, the cotton gloves offer protection, ventilation, and comfort.

· Spandex: These gloves are made from polymer and are quite popular in the gym. The spandex gloves are lightweight, elastic, strong, durable, and resistant to perspiration. The gloves are easy to wash.

The purposes of using gloves

Some of the purposes for using exercise gloves include:

  • It offers its users a better cushioning effect and a strong grip on workout apparatus or equipment.
  • The gloves protect the wearers from blisters and calluses.
  • It offers wrist support to wearers and prevents people from suffering from wrist injuries.
  • It offers comfort to the hands, especially when the palm is sweating.

Parts of a glove

The weight lifting gloves has the following parts:

  • Palm side: The gloves come with a padded area made of spandex, microfiber, and silicone to help in cushioning the hands. It offers a strong grip on the body conditioning tools or the handles of fitness.
  • Backside: This is the back of the glove wrist area.
  • Finger stalls: The finger stalls open for you to insert your thumb and fingers.
  • Wrist end/ wrap: This is the heel of the hand or wrist area.

Features of weight lifting gloves

  • Fitting: You should select gloves that can easily fit your hand and allow comfortable movements.
  • Protection: Go for gloves that are cushioning with more protection.
  • Support: The gloves should be able to support your hands and wrist.
  • Traction: Workout gloves should offer palm traction.

These are the factors you consider before buying your workout gloves.

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