Highest-rated headboard designs of 2020

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Great bedroom design is a necessary element of a house’s finish. It adds refinement and elegance to your home. It also offers comfort for a user who chooses to recline while reading or working in bed. Thus, any headboard design that you pick needs to blend in with the overall décor of your house and/or bedroom. This means taking into consideration the material from which your headboard is made.

Many low-upholstered headboards are popular because they offer support and comfort while also being low-key and not too loud in keeping with bedroom aesthetics. For the lovers of intricate design patterns, metal or wood headboards are the way to go. If you would prefer to get something a bit more modern, leather and padded headboards offer the perfect solution. To buy a quality headboard at an affordable price, you can check out vouchers and coupons on offer, such as the Just Headboards Discount Code. In this write-up, we shall focus on the best headboard designs of 2020. 

Factors to consider when purchasing headboards

  • If your bed is large-sized, you should consider getting a wooden headboard. These are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes. The padded coverings are available where they are needed. Some exciting choices of wooden headboards include beech, oak, pine, and ash models, which leave your bedroom with a classy finish.
  • For users who read books or watch television in bed, wooden and metal headboards in queen size may prove uncomfortable. This is because you will need to use extra pillows to prop yourself up while working or watching.
  • Buyers who want to add a touch of charm to their bedrooms should consider going for leather headboards that can incorporate padded stuffing. However, keep in mind that all leather products, including headboards, need to be held in good condition by regularly treating the leather.

Best headboard designs of 2020

  • Modway Curl Upholstered Headboard

This features as best in class among upholstered headboard designs. It is exceptionally comfortable for leaning on. It comes in cotton, synthetic blends, and linen. Alternatively, you can obtain a Modway headboard in boucle or velvet. These headboards also allow you to have them done in a range of upholstery-capable fabrics. This board consists of a metal or wooden frame with padding added beneath the exterior fabric. You can get Modway headboards in any pattern, design, and color, including curvy upper edges.

  • Sauder Orchard Hills Full/Queen Bookcase Headboard

This is an impressive headboard explicitly designed for those who like to read in bed. It features a bookshelf built into the headboard, combined with a smooth polished finish. It also comes with a queen-sized or full-frame that is quite easy to attach to the bed. The bookshelf space lets you store your books after you catch up on your daily reading. This board is mostly made from California Oak. It also features adjustable shelves and a discreet cord to access the back panel.

  • Pulaski Selma Camel Back Tweed Panel Headboard

This headboard is in the upholstered category. It is designed with thick padding and nail heads that give it a sleek and classic look. The Pulaski headboard also lasts longer due to the padding and stitch finish. It is mainly available in standard king size and California King models.


Headboards add a touch of class and elegance to a bedroom’s finish. The best headboard designs are unique, while also offering usability for users who prefer to read or watch TV in bed. To get a headboard at an affordable price, use a discount code to save cash.

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