Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are temporary faux lashes that are applied on the natural eyelashes using semi-permanent glue. The false lashes are meant to add volume and length to your natural eyelashes.

 semi-permanent eyelashes
semi-permanent eyelashes

It’s quite obvious that the main reason people wear semi-permanent eyelashes is because they make them look like a Disney princess. It is every woman’s dream to have the perfect eyelashes; however, not everyone is born with that privilege. This is where lash extensions come in handy. These extensions are a form of low-maintenance makeup routine that always work their fluttery magic. Not much daily effort is required to keep the lashes popping 24/7.

How the lashes are fixed- The Procedure

The stylist who fixes the lashes ensures that all the products intended for use during the procedure are either new or sanitized. Your first appointment usually lasts for about an hour and a half where the stylists discusses your personal taste as well as your expectations.

There are different types of extensions that have varying curls, lengths, and diameters. They’re also made of different materials such as silk and synthetic material. To make the right choice, you have to consider the shape of your face and the type of look that you’re going for.

 semi-permanent eyelashes
semi-permanent eyelashes

During the entire application, during which you are lying on your back, your eyes will remain shut. The stylist fixes each extension individually using tweezers. After he/she is done, they will use a small fan to dry the adhesive.

Taking care of lashes

After getting the lashes fixed, you should make sure that they don’t get wet for the next 24 hours to allow the adhesive enough time to dry up. Other things that you should do to make sure that your semi-permanent eyelashes last longer and look good for a long time are:

  1. Always sleep on your back.

If you sleep on your face, the eyelashes will appear bent. However, since sometimes you cannot avoid sleeping on your face, gently straighten them back to their original curl if they appear bent.

  1. Be extra gentle when handling the lashes

When you’re removing makeup from around the eyes, use a soft wet-wipe to avoid weakening the lashes. Don’t use cotton as this might get attached to the lashes.

  1. Oil them up

Keeping the lashes lubricated will keep them looking nicer for longer.

  1. Comb them

This will detangle the lashes to prevent them from crisscrossing. Use a soft brush and roll it gently over the lashes.

  1. Avoid playing with them

I know that the temptation can be quite strong but you need to try as much as possible and resist playing with the lashes. If you play with them its highly likely that you will twist and pull them out.

semi-permanent eyelashes
semi-permanent eyelashes

The Rules…

We came up with a list of 4 rules that you need to follow before going for your first eyelash-enhancement appointment.

  • Know that not all eyelash stylists are the same

Make sure that they are licensed in lash application. Ask as many questions as possible to establish whether or not they’ll offer quality services

  • Compare prices

In most cases, the price will determine the quality of services offered.

semi-permanent eyelashes
semi-permanent eyelashes
  • Don’t forget to gloom your lashes after they’ve been fixed

Lightly brush your lashes to keep them aligned and prevent them from looking messy.

  • Find out if your lashes can be customized

Ask the stylist to make natural extensions that blend perfectly into your natural lashes.

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