Ultimate Guide to Buying Moissanite Rings


Moissanite rings continue to become popular each day. There are many reasons for these. These non-diamond rings are brilliant, beautiful, and durable. If you want to buy men’s moissanite ring, there are important things you ought to know. When you know these rings, you can buy them with confidence. These are tips to help you make the right decision when buying moissanite rings.

Moissanite Cut

Usually, these rings are cut into different exotic gemstone shapes. This explains why many people mistake them for diamond rings. You will find them available in cushion, pear, marquise, and emerald cuts. They can also be faceted to sparkle. You can also find some with step cuts that reveal calm brilliance.

Moissanite Color

You should note that moissanite is clear or colorless. Most people prefer it that way. You can find some options with a classic look. With technological advancement, you can find these types of rings in a variety of colors. The common colors include blue, pink, gray, and green.


You should note that moissanite is not a natural stone. Rather, this stone is created in the lab. This explains why it has a flawless appearance. You will not find it with common inclusions that are synonymous with popular gemstones. Remember that gemstones are formed after millions of years. Although there might be flaws in these rings, you cannot see them with the naked eye.


As you know, diamonds are measured in carats. However, moissanite rings are measured in millimeters. Another thing to note is that this stone is less dense as compared to diamonds. Thus, you can find moissanite that weighs less than the equivalent-sized diamond. Nowadays, moissanite rings are available in a variety of sizes. It is important to consider getting large moissanite rings as they show off great flashes of color.


The truth is that moissanite rings are durable. Moreover, they can withstand exposure to harsh elements. Nevertheless, you should take proper care of them. This is necessary to ensure these stones do not lose their brilliance due to grime and dirt build-up.

Although moissanite does not become cloudy, the build-up of dirt can make it lose its sparkle. It is advisable to clean it regularly to avoid this. You can use mild soap and warm water when washing the gemstone. If you discover your ring has an oil slick, you can use a toothbrush and silver polish to clean it. This will not damage your ring and it will keep it slick-free and sparkling.

Make sure you store your ring separately from other jewelry to avoid damaging it. If you are involved in strenuous activities such as exercise, you should take it off to avoid unnecessary damage.


The above are only a few things to consider. Nowadays, several retailers sell moissanite rings. If you search them in stores, you are likely to limit the options you have. It is advisable to search for these rings online. Different stores specialize in selling moissanite rings. Always buy your rings from reputable retailers. This will ensure you get high-quality, exclusive rings at a fair price.

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