How to Join Huawei’s 2020 DIGIX Global AI Challenge?


Huawei has surely prepared to swoon all the talented developers and techies around the world with fun and interactive events. They have organized this year’s DIGIX Global AI Challenge, which will start from July to October.

All competent individuals around the world are invited to join. The participants will have an opportunity to submit works using smart device technology and AI.

Here’s how you can join Huawei’s Biggest DIGIX Global AI Challenge!

How to register to the contest?
1. You’ll need to have a valid Huawei ID or should be a Huawei member for you to register at the official registration page. Just go to the sign-up page and input all the essential details.

2. If you’re a part of the team, you will need to choose the option button New Team and fill out the necessary details about your team.

3. If you’re a member of the team, you will need to pick the Join Us option button and fill out the name of your desired team to join. Make sure to check all the details you input.

4. Once you have successfully registered, pick a competition track, and submit your finished work according to Huawei’s guidelines.

5. Once you’ve submitted your entry, you can check Huawei’s real-time leaderboard ranking at any time while waiting for the results.

How to qualify for the contest?
· You must be a Huawei member or have a valid Huawei ID to sign-up.

· You have to be a full-time undergrad or graduate student that is enrolled in the following participating countries: Russia, Turkey, Netherlands, India, China, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

· You should not be affiliated by Huawei, to any members or part of the immediate relatives of its members.

· You can participate as a solo or with a team with no more than three members. You can only join one team for the contest.

The selection process

All teams shall be provided with stipulated environments and shall adhere to submit their work based on the provided proposals. There’s also a real-time leaderboard ranking that shows the performance of each participant or team. The review and selection will be made from September 21 to 28.

The Finals

The judging panel will announce the official teams who made it to the finals on September 29 to October 8. The list will be available on the contest’s official page.

The Elite Final

Huawei will gather all the finalists to do one last hurray. The company will organize a surprise venue where they will compete with presentations. The judging panel will then decide and select based on their strict scoring standards designed by Huawei organizers.

The date of the last phase of the contest will be around late October.

What’s at stake?
The winners will have a chance to bag a total of US$ 158, 000 worth of prizes.

· First prize will get USD 30,000

· Second prize will get USD 15,000

· Third prize will get USD 10, 000

· Plus 12 honorable mentions will get USD 2,000

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