Features Affecting The Durability Of Lace Closure Wigs


One of the most commonly asked questions when women and fashionistas are purchasing lace closure wigs is, how long will it last? Well, there isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. Therefore, in this post, we discuss lace closure wig durability. 

Factors affecting how long a lace closure wig lasts

This is because numerous factors affect the duration of your lace closure wig. Below are some of these factors;

1. The lace material

One of the primary factors affecting how long a lace closure wig can last is the lace material. The type of material usually affects the firmness of the seal. Typically, the firmer the material, the longer the lace closure wig can last. This is because the lace will be able to hold on to the hair longer. It will also withstand the pressure of being pulled on when combing or styling the hair. Therefore, when choosing the best lace closure wig based on how long it lasts, it would help if you chose one with firm lace material. You may want to research the various types of lace materials and how long they can last before shopping for a lace closure wig.

2. Hair type

Another significant factor that affects the durability of a lace closure wig is the hair type. Getting the highest hair quality will guarantee that your lace closure wig will last for a long time. For instance, you will not have to worry about the hair being pulled by the brush when combing or styling it. The least durable types of hair also tend to fall off when they are introduced to heat.

The best kind of hair for your lace closure wig is human hair. 100% human hair lace closure wigs are less prone to falling off because of combing or introducing heat. However, it is worth mentioning that the better the hair quality, the most expensive it is.

3. Hair cut

The type of haircut you get will also affect how long your lace closure wig will last. For instance, body wavy lace closure or straight lace closures need compound and streaming heating as a means of management. However, these management methods tend to reduce the life span of the wig by a lot. For this reason, most manufacturers try to reduce the symptoms of treatment by building wigs with lasting styles so that you do not have to keep treating them. Additionally, the hair quality can also be affected by the form of hair cut and the type of management or treatment it requires.

4. Brand

Additionally, the brand of the lace closure wig will also influence its durability. The top brands usually manufacture the best and most durable lace closure wigs. However, leading brands typically sell the products at a higher price.


Another element that can affect how long a lace closure wig lasts is maintenance. Naturally, practicing proper maintenance and storage of the hair will ensure that the hair lasts for a long time. Therefore, in addition to considering the elements above when choosing the best lace closure wig, it would also be wise to research how to care for the wig properly.

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