What sets YA-YATECH Multi-purpose Cleaning cloths apart from the rest

Multi-purpose cleaning cloths

Gone are the days when you had to get different types of towels to perform the roles of a cleaning cloth, washcloth, and a kitchen towel, among other applications in the kitchen. The introduction of multi-purpose cleaning cloths made it easy as all you have to do is get several towels of the same kind to perform the different roles in the kitchen. YA YATECH cleaning cloths are an excellent example of such types of towels. 

Properties of YA YATECH Multi-purpose cleaning cloths

  • Fabric

These multi-purpose cleaning cloths are made from 100% looped-terry wood fiber. This fabric is known for its strength, high level of absorbency, and the ability to dry very fast. The material is also very soft. This makes it possible for you to use the towel for other purposes like wiping the face and even the delicate and sensitive skin of young babies. The fabric is also soft enough to be used on babies. The material is also safe for surfaces that are prone to scratches the likes of non-stick pans and glasses alike. When used on items like glass, these cleaning cloths do not leave behind lint, and when the towels are cleaned, they do not strake. 

  • Durability

The machine-washable feature of the fabric makes it possible for the towels to be washed and reused several times without losing absorbency or tear and become inefficient. 

  • Absorbency

These washcloths can hold up to six times their weight in liquids. This feature makes them perfect for drying utensils, wiping spills from surfaces in the place of paper towels. In addition to being very absorbent, these washcloths are also capable of capturing dirt, fingerprints, particles of dust and other stains like grease stains. These towels, therefore, help to reduce dependency on paper towels and other chemicals for cleaning.

  • Maintenance

These multi-purpose towels are also very easy to maintain. The fact that there are dishwasher and wash machine safe makes it easy to clean them. After cleansing in the washing machine, the towels need to be rinsed with warm water for the light task. The wash clothes can also be washed using a mild soap if they are used for large jobs. After cleaning, depending on the color, the towels will look spotless for a very long time. 

Multi-purpose cleaning cloths
  • Color 

YA YATECH Multi-purpose cleaning cloths come in a variety of colors that you can choose from. The colors are attractive and do not fade off when the towels are washed. This means that you can choose darker colors for heavy tasks and lighter shades that do not show dirt quickly for lighter tasks. The colors also add to the stylish aspect of the towels.

Bottom Line

These multi-purpose cleaning cloths can be used for washing dishes, cleaning up dust, wiping off spills and cleaning other surfaces like the top of the stove or the countertop. YATECH manufactures them, and they are ranked among the top two hundred cleaning clothes in the home and kitchen industry. Customers also have nothing but positive remarks about the products. 

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