Why Buy A Used Or Refurbished iPhone?


iPhones are one of the most sought after electronic products in the market. Everyone wants to own an iPhone. However, for many people, an iPhone is a financial cost that they cannot afford. Getting a new iPhone will cost you at least five hundred dollars or more depending on the model. However, those who can afford it do not hesitate to purchase because of the numerous advantages that iPhones have over other phones in the market. For example, Nigeria used iPhone 8 prices are way lower than that of a new one. For this reason, most people in Nigeria and other parts of the world opt for used or refurbished iPhones.

Why buy a used or refurbished iPhone?

  • Cost

The most significant advantage of a refurbished or a used iPhone over a new one is the cost-efficiency. Most of the time, a refurbished phone goes for even half the price of a new one of the same model. Additionally, the cost does not affect the performance and proficiency of the phone. The appearance of a refurbished one is also similar to that of a new one. However, the appearance of a used iPhone may differ slightly because of issues like broken screens. Some dealers choose to sell the phone as received from the previous owners, while others choose to make some changes. This is what is known as a refurbished phone.

  • Availability

Currently, there are several sites from which you can purchase a used or refurbished iPhone. However, when choosing the best site to purchase from, make sure to consider its integrity. You can do so by reading testimonials from clients and asking questions before making a purchase. The internet is packed with websites that deal with iPhones (used, new, or refurbished). Consider a site that has been in business for a while. The fact that the business has survived for a long time means that something is right about them.

  • Eco-Friendliness

Dead phones and other electronics are significant contributors to the pollution of the environment if they are not disposed of properly. Refurbishing can be equated to recycling. Recycling is the best move towards protecting the environment to different forms of harm. In addition to phones, several other electronic products can be refurbished.

Places where you can buy a used or refurbished iPhone

There are several dealers in the market from whom you can get a cheap iPhone. Some include;

  • Online shops- Online sites like Yeebia and Amazon, to name a few, are the best places to shop. These sites are trustworthy and do not run short of a variety of products. For instance, Yeebia sells all models of iPhones (used and refurbished)
  • Network carriers- network carriers the likes of AT and T, and T-Mobile also offer deals on iPhones all the time. Some of these deals are for used or refurbished phones that were acquired during trade-ins.


Before you decide to purchase a used or refurbished iPhone, there are some factors to consider like damages and functionality. You also have to consider the storage capacity of the phone and compare prices.

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