Top Applications Of Quartz Materials

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Quartz is a prominent chemical compound containing silicon, as well as two significant parts of oxygen. It is also made of silicon dioxide. Not only is this is one of the most dominant minerals in the surface of the earth but with unique properties too. For that reason, it is also one of the most useful substances in the world. With that said, quartz has unique natural features. These properties have enabled it to have added applications categorically. Here are some of the applications of quartz, according to the best quartz countertops manufacturer–TOP QUARTZ SPECIALIST SDN. BHD.

1. The Foundry Sand

Quartz is a resistant chemical to different elements such as heat and eater. Therefore, it’s usually used as primary foundry sand. Because of its high melting point, too, it can primarily be used in molding as well as coring the usual foundry work. Other than that, if you work in the refractory brick industry, you may also use this material because of its high heat resistance properties.  

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  2. Making Crucibles

Quartz is a durable mineral containing a robust chemical composition. Therefore, it can withstand the pressure needed to create a crucible, which is a vessel that does not need melting now and then. Usually, the creation of crucibles involves their subjection to different heat temperatures. Towards that end, it has never reacted with various chemicals or yielded corrosive effects in any way.

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   3. Making Glass

As you may know, glass is non-crystalline. It is also transparent and made of silica as the leading chemical. It has no additives. For that reason, it can easily refract and reflect. When it comes to its ability to transfer light according to the principles of geometrical optics, then quartz becomes the primary composition. The color in the glass is solely appended to the unique properties of quartz.

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      4. Molding Purposes

Since there are various types of quartz, then it is common for every type to have special use and purpose in the world. Silicon quartz has unique properties. It can not only be used to create foundry sand but a blend of cohesive agents used in the molding as well as casting. Apart from that, any form of cruder edges found on metals after casting is also cut and drilled to reproduce microcrystalline quartz.  

     5. Geological Processes

Quartz is a unique material use in geological processes. It has occasionally been processed to produce sand composed of grains. Such deposits have also been identified and used in the replication of silica sand. Therefore, the sand is usually utilized in the glassmaking process in different enterprises. Apart from that, quartz is uniquely used in the creation of flat plate glasses.

     6. Used As Filler

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Quartz is a precious stone used as a primary filler in the manufacture of paint as well as rubber. When screened and washed, then carefully sized, these grains can be utilized in the production of roofing granules. Also, quartz can be used in the recreation of volleyball courts.  


There you have it, quartz is a natural mineral. It has several applications in different sectors. If you are in the business of revamping and restricting homes, then this article is a perfect read for you.

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