Beginners Guide To Taking Care Of Your CBD Vape Tank

CBD vape tanks

It’s essential to take time and consider the various vape types available at while choosing the best CBD vaping device. As they are pricey, it makes sense that you would want a prolonged useful life to get the most value for your money. Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to care for their cartridges. Below are certain steps you can take to prolong the useful life of your CBD vape tank.

  • CBD Vape Tank Battery

One significant way to ensure that your CBD vape device is in top condition is taking care of the battery. Primarily, ensure that you always store and keep your device with full charge whenever possible. Avoid draining your battery to completion before recharging as this practice strains the battery reducing its useful life. As unused batteries usually lose their functionality during storage, it’s important to remember to recharge extra batteries in storage to keep them at optimal performance.

  • Don’t Overcharge the CBD Vape Tank Device

When investing in a vape starter kit, the battery charge time is usually noted on the instruction manual. Unfortunately, because charging most vape devices takes a long time, it’s usually a tedious wait of checking if it’s fully charged when recharging. However, avoid overcharging these devices often as such a habit leads to malfunctioning of the electrodes. If you keep on forgetting, ensure you place a timer to give it sufficient time to recharge without overdoing it.

4 CBD vape tanks
  • Turn Off the CBD Vape Tank After Use

Just like you would turn off any electronic devices while it’s not in use, make it a habit to turn off your CBD vape tank when not in use. Ideally, even though it uses minimal power when on standby, power still flows through it. As a result, even the very best of best CBD vape cartridge succumb to failure as the fuel burns off, burning the coil and draining the power leading to short useful life.

  • keep your CBD Vape Tank coils in good shape

As coils are the most expensive part of a vaping device, the key focus should be keeping it in top-notch condition. Do this by minimizing the amount of strain you place on them and steadily increase wattage when you need a higher level instead of doing it in a jump. Additionally, ensure that you choose a CBD vape juice with minimal effects. Unknown to many, sugary flavors leave a coating on the coil, causing it to overheat and burn. To clear this, wash your coil using clear alcohol and let it air dry for 24 hours.

CBD vape tank
  • Change Your CBD Vape Tank Juice

When experiencing dry hits and coil burns up, your vape oil might be to blame. Often, vape oils with higher VG are thicker and hence slow to absorb. To avoid this, consider the juice you are using and ensure that added extra ingredients to add flavor do not leave any residue.  

Conclusion As seen above, proper care of your vape devices begins right from choosing the correct vape type. Conduct periodic cleaning and maintenance to ensure that your CBD vape tank is always in top working condition. Doing so allows you to minimize the damage created by wear and tear hence enabling you to use your device for a long time before needing replacement.

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