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I try a lot of hair products but I like to have an old reliable set in stock just in case, that used to be Aussie Miracle Moist but these lovelies from Dove have replaced them. Not only do they smell REALLY good, they make my hair feel and look great. The ends can fee dry if I don’t use a good conditioner but this gives me SHINE – if you’re a blonde you’ll know how elusive that is so I highly recommend these!

John Frieda Full Repair Root Lift Foam* – REVIEW – £6.29

I’ve had this for a while and HAVE used it in my roots but currently I’m using it to hold curls and protect my hair from heat – gotta love a double duty product. It does a really good job and my hair doesn’t fee crunchy, because it’s from a ‘repair’ range it seems to condition as well as help me style.

Carino Miracle Oil* – REVIEW – £4.99 (link to eBay for available from Aldi stores)

Another one I’ve had for a while and recently rediscovered, you’ll notice that’s a theme this month as I recently reorganised my stuff and found things I’d forgotten about. This works much the same as the expensive hair oils I love but it’s a little lighter in my hair and A LOT lighter on my pocket. It doesn’t have quite the same seductive scent as Moroccan Oil but for the price I can live with that. I use a little on dry hair to smooth and add shine.

Pixi Glow Tonic – £16 (not available online)

This has been much raved about in the blogging community and I too like it BUT I don’t think it’s the be all and end all of exfoliating toners. It’s a cheaper version of a very expensive toner so for many they think they’re getting an amazing deal but £16 is expensive for me so I’ve been looking for cheaper alternatives and I found..

Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner – £3.99 (currently on sale for £2.69)

For me this works in almost exactly the same way as the Pixi Glow Tonic for a fraction of the cost. The main difference is alcohol, the Botanics gives me the squeaky clean feeling that some will hate because it’s basically stripping your skin of oil BUT if I’m using this before as serum/oil/moisturiser I don’t really care. The Pixi does leave my skin feeling a little more comfortable but the difference isn’t worth the price for me and if you don’t mind alcohol in a toner I’d recommend you give this a go before plumping for the Blogger fave.

Benefit Porefessional Primer* – £24.50

This is something I never thought I’d like, I generally don’t get on with silicone based anything. My oily skin just makes it feel slippy and I definitely don’t feel like it keeps anything in place.  This is different, it has a slightly drier texture to it so it grabs on a little better and does create a smooth surface for my foundation. I use it on and around my nose and chin, the uneven areas that I feel could do with a little poly-fillering  before I apply my base.

Revlon Colorstay – REVIEW – £12.49

This is a staple for me, lasts all day, great oil control and really good coverage which is buildable to full if you’re that way inclined or you have a big day ahead. It’s my daily foundation at the moment and the only thing that will stand up to this humidity for any entire work day. I still need to powder once or twice but nothing looks so good for so long for this price in my experience.

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil – £12.00

I hadn’t used this for maybe a year until I pulled it out in my makeup re-org and I am remembering why I loved it so much. I used to work for Urban Decau many moons ago and this is one of the only products I bought while I was there, it was may favourite to use on customers because it’s high coverage, creamy and long wearing.. again it was the heat along with considerable hormonal breakouts that drove me back and now I’m looking for a low cost alternative for when it runs out.

YSL Touch Eclat – £25.00

This was a product I really didn’t love, in fact I think I included it in my ‘products not worth the hype video’ because I felt it didn’t offer high enough coverage for such a ‘wonder product’. Now I know it’s not technically a concealer but it really is, isn’t it? and I just wasn’t happy but something has changed since then and I suddenly love it. I think I just got the whole highlighting the under eye rather than blocking it out, it may not totally irradiate dark circles but it does something to distract from them and the peachy shade corrects the blue tones, blah blah you know the rest. I have the L’Oreal Lumi and I like it but I think the shade I have is too light, I will try the medium next time to see if it compares.

Smashbox Brow Tech To Go – REVIEW – £19.00

Ahhhh! If Carling made eyebrow pencils. I could just talk and talk and talk about this but instead I will direct you to my full review where I already have – here

Benefit They’re Real – REVIEW – £19.50

Another product I wasn’t initially sold on, it does give me full, long looking lashes but it’s such a pain to remove I just couldn’t be bothered with it.. until I changed my cleanser. Now I used an oil cleanser and a flannel and it comes off easy peasy. I wasn’t willing to change my cleanser for a mascara but now it fits in with my routine I’ll happily use it as it really is great.. just had a big down side when I was using regular removers and foam washes.

Avon Glow in Pink Glow* – £6.50

This was an unexpected favourite, I’ve done some videos and posts for the Avon blog over the past few weeks – see here – and I didn’t expect to love any of their products but there are some very interesting new things (a mascara for one – review soon) and just as you all told me the BB cream and the Supershock liners are amazing so yeah.. Avon, who knew? I also found a coupl of great Essie dupes which I’ve already shared with you and a great face mask so I’m very excited to try some new stuff from them. This is a bronzer/blush duo which I mix together to give a nice healthy glow – oh and it smells like suncream – read:holidays.

Crown Tapered Duo Fiber Blush Brush* – REVIEW – £10.49

I feel like I”ve already raved about this but I’ll go again. It’s awesome! I’m super heavy handed with blush and there are some I just can’t use because they come off so strong but this allows me a really light application and has given some of my powder products a new lease on life!

e.l.f Eye Primer* – REVIEW – £1.50

This has been my daily primer since I got it months ago, it’s just as good as the Urban Decay for me but it’s not as thick so if you have very oily lids you may have to pay for the good stuff.. jus’ sayin’.. I used to swipe a little on my hand when I was on counter and show people 5 minutes later it was rick solid.. nothing like it but I don’t suffer massively with creasing so this works for me ans is much MUCH cheaper.


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