How To Care For Your Frontal Closure Wigs


Women looking to complement their hair can opt for lace frontal hair pieces to achieve a more natural look. The frontals come 4 inches x 13 inches across to ensure that your hair is covered from ear to ear. As such, these closure wigs offer more versatility, helping many women switch to the style they desire most. Typically, the frontal closures allow choosing hairstyles such as ponytails, center parts, and side parts. While the closure wigs offer a natural look, it is an investment that takes maintenance to keep them stylish and effortless. Here are the tips for maintaining your closure wig.

Be gentle

The frontal closure wig may appear natural like your scalps, but it is actually not. You can maintain the natural appearance of gentle care. You need to avoid scratching the hairpiece with your fingernails or vigorously washing it to prevent damage which could lead to balding. Remember that the hair is individually knotted into the base of the closure wig to give a natural look, but it is delicate when handled roughly. Therefore, be sure to give gentle care to the wig to ensure it maintains the natural look.

Brush properly

You are advised to brush your closure wig to ensure it remains straight and attain a natural look. Some people underestimate the brushing tasks hence reducing the lifespan of the hairpiece. You need to run the recommended comp gently, beginning from the end of the hair, and work your way up. Ensure you hold down the roots of the hair to prevent further tugging and damage to the wig.

Keep cool

Monitor the heating temperature when you are styling your frontal closure wig. Excessive heat could be damaging and make the hairpiece ugly. While you look to have killer curls, you need to use the soft bendy rollers to achieve the style you want without much heat. You can also opt for plenty of styling options for your closure wig that does not involve heating the hair.

Use the right products.

The products you use will determine the longevity and appearance of your frontal closure wig. Some products may appear convenient for achieving a stylish appearance, but the chemicals compounds in the ingredients can cause damage to the hair. Products with high alcohol content, in particular, have a great chance of damaging and tangling the hair. Therefore, you need to opt for hair products with PH acidic compounds to ensure excellent care. You can ask for recommendations from a professional stylist if you are overwhelmed with the available hair product options.

Wrap it up


Before you get to bed, be sure to wrap up the closure wig. You might sleep with a perfect look but wake up with a messed-up hairpiece if it is not wraped correctly. In this case, you need to adopt a nightly routine for proper care to ensure the wig remains fresh. Ensure you avoid sleeping with a wet wig to avoid wig smell and tangled hair. Instead, brush and dry the wig, and you will not be worried about tangles or breakages.

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