Top 3 Best Home Security Cameras

3. Home Security Cameras (2)

We have learned that a smart security camera is a critical investment when it comes to protecting your home. With these gadgets, burglars should not be in a position to get away with their actions unnoticed. It is also highly likely that they shall be gone before you identify them anyway.

That said, it is crucial to be familiar with some of the latest brands of outdoor and indoor home security cameras. In this blog post, we shall look at some of the best home security cameras on the market, with a specific focus on why most outdoor security cameras are designed to use a viable Wi-Fi radio in connecting it to a network. Some models can also use the wired Ethernet and Bluetooth to connect to a sustainable mobile app.

Here are some of the best home security cameras

Wyze Cam

Wyze Cam is an excellent budget security camera. It has HD live streaming, night vision, coupled with decent motion alerts based on cloud storage. It also has an inbuilt SD card for users who want to use the local storage. This home security camera works with Alexa specifically for voice commands.

3. Home Security Cameras (1)

It also features various motion detection zones coupled with the ability to listen to issues in the environment and then alert you to specific frequencies such as smoke alarms.

Nest Cam-The Google Assistant Camera

Nest Cam is an affordable Google security assistant camera. It has the Hello speaker, which features an HD live streaming coupled with motion alerts and person alerts. You can also use it to gain access to the service option. 

Perhaps what’s more to consider when getting this gadget is the fact that it is affordable ($6) per month. It also has facial recognition features. Therefore, you can create a viable database of not just family but friends who can also receive alerts regarding who is at your door.

Also, Nest Cam has a Google assistant with an in-built speaker. And just as the Google Home Assistant-enabled speaker coupled with displays, it enables users to hear what could be happening in their surroundings.

3. Home Security Cameras (3)

Night Vision Security Camera

Clear Night Vision Security Camera has essential features for outdoor security. To gain access to the best view at night, you can consider a camera with IR technology since it sends bright light via wavelengths. Usually, the number of wavelengths therein can determine just how far the outdoor security camera can clearly show what is outside the home.   

You can also look for a surveillance camera with at least 200 feet of night vision. There are multiple models with an in-built IR cut-switch, which automatically enables as well as disables the IR technology. This highly depends on the existing lighting conditions.


The world’s current surveillance cameras can be paired with mobile apps in order tohelp incontrolling a home owner’s security camera via their mobile device. You should be able to receive notifications, especially when motion is detected automatically. Other than that, you will also be in a position to view a variety of things, including real-time video and recording.

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